10 Fainting Goat videos That You Haven’t Watched

Fainting Goat name refers to a breed characteristic known as myotonia congenita, a condition in which the muscle cells experience prolonged contraction when the goat is startled. The transitory stiffness associated with these contractions can cause the goat to fall down. Fainting goat is called by many names like Myotonic, Tennessee Fainting, Tennessee Meat, Texas Wooden Leg, Stiff, Nervous, and Scare goats. 

Kidsdiscover.com tells us,

“Myotonic goats first appeared in the U.S. in the 1880s, but no one is sure how the breed got started. One explanation is that a natural mutation in a Tennessee goat herd created the gene that causes the stiffness. Another is that a farm worker named John Tinsley brought four of the goats to Marshall County, Tennessee, from Nova Scotia, Canada. About a year later, Dr. H.H. Mayberry bought them and raised a bigger herd. He sold the kids to nearby farmers, and after a while, “Tennessee fainting goats” spread across the South. Bigger fainting goats were bred in Texas starting in the 1930s.”

The reaction doesn’t hurt, and it’s not really fainting. Usually, the animal stays awake and just bounces back up once the stiffness goes away. A lot of other animals can have this rare genetic disorder too, but fainting goats only exist as a breed only because humans want them around.

Fainting goats are not bred for meat alone. So many farmers are keeping them as fun or friend goats. It is estimated that around 5000 of these are raised in the United States.

Here are the ten fainting goat videos that you haven’t seen before.

A Herd of Fainting Goats

Decoy Goats

Exercise Ball

Baby Fainting goats meeting the chicken

Fainting Goats versus slide

Swing vs Fainting Goats

Umbrella effect

Not Funny

Heading out to Pasture

Kids with Fainting Goats

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