10 fun facts about Sheep dogs

Sheep dogs are the dogs generally used for raising sheep. They are used for herding purpose or guarding purposes only. For many centuries, sheep dogs are the only ones that are relied on to get their work done.

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There are several breeds of sheep dogs, to choose from. They can be easily trained and very obedient to their owners. They do not behave as pet dogs, generally, they act like herd dogs or guard dogs.

Here are 10 fun facts about Sheep dogs

  • Collies are the most intelligent sheep dogs. They are from Scotland, mainly used to herd sheep. Also, they are fun to be around. Go well with children and also shield them.
    Babe” the movie has a Collie featured with the name “Fly”.
  • Australian Shepherd dogs are famous for herding bulls and perform tricks. They are frequently seen in rodeos.
    Due to their different colored eyes(a combination of brown, blue, hazel, amber, or green eyes), the Native Americans called them “ghost eye” and considered as sacred.
  • McNab Dog an even-tempered dog that gets along with children and family. A very hardworking and dependable herding breed.
  • Australian kelpies are best when driving a mob of livestock long distances in extremes of climates and conditions.
    The Kelpie’s favorite move is to jump on the backs of sheep and walk across the tops of the sheep to reach the other side and break up the jam.
  • Croatian Sheepdog is a very active, loyal, intelligent, and alert dog. One of the rare dog breeds, hard to find even in Croatia.
  • German Shepherd breed was imported from Germany, known for its intelligence and utility.
    The actual name of German Shepard is Hektor Linksrhein.
    During the world war, the dogs were used by the German soldiers for many reasons like to carry medicines, be next to injured soldiers, and even carry secret messages.
    The famous Warner Bros even had a movie on German shepherd called “Rin Tin Tin”. The dog became a star overnight and even made huge money for Warner Bros.
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  • New Zealand Huntaway the only dog that can easily work 1000 sheep.
    The sheep Huntaway looks after primarily are Romneys. They are loud barking dogs, that fit well with Romneys. Romneys have a lot of wool on them, so it’s advisable to have a herding dog, that barks loud.
  • The Old English Sheepdog, once a herding dog and now a family dog.
    Were called “bobtails” the tails were docked(bobbed) in order to get working-dog tax exemption.
    Featured in “Dennis the Menace” cartoon show.
  • Shetland Sheepdog is half the size of Collie, which looks similar. Always require mental and physical stimulation.
    Shetland Dog sheds its coat twice a year.
  • Puli dog fur is corded like dreadlocks. Most of the pulis are black in color.
    One of the oldest herding dogs, has reference to the 9th century. Pulis bark quite a lot.

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