10 Things You Should Know About Hampshire sheep

Hampshire sheep have been famous throughout history for their dual-purpose utility. Have a glance at important things you should know about Hampshire sheep.

  1. The name of the sheep is acquired from the county of Hampshire, Southern England where the sheep originated.
  2. The local Hampshire Down sheep is improved by crossing an improved Cotswold ram along with the best Southdown rams. Later through continuous selection, the Hampshire sheep got evolved.
  3. The Hampshire breed is emphasized on the weight per age, multiple births, and muscles.
  4. The sheep look quite unique with black/brown face, ears, and legs(below the knee).
  5. Hampshire’s are noted for their rapid growth and efficient feed conversion.
  6. The mature rams weigh 275 pounds (125 kg) and ewes weigh around 200 pounds(90 kg).
  7. The meat produced by Hampshire is like by many, due to their lean meat.
  8. Hampshire ewes typically produce at least 2 strong and active lambs each year
  9. Hampshire sheep fleece weight is around 6 pounds (2.5 kg) to 10 pounds (4.5 kg) for a year. Staple length is 2.5 inches to 4 inches and a spinning count of 46-58.
  10. The Hamshire wool is used for the production of knitting yarns, flannels, and socks.
Hampshire sheep

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