20 Most Popular Black and White sheep breeds

The Black and White sheep breeds are so common in the sheep world. The black and white sheep mean the sheep that have the genetics to show only the mix of black and white not a recessive gene with occasional black color.

Most of the Black and white sheep have a black head with a white body, black legs with a white body, and few with black and white spots.

20 Most Popular Black and White sheep breeds

1. Balwen Welsh Mountain sheep

Balwen Welsh Mountain sheep has a white face, white feet, and half whitetail. The base color is either black or brown.

The sheep is native to Wales and known for contribution to many sheep breeds.

Balwen sheep were used as landmarks by many farmers to recognize their flocks, when they are away in the mountains.

2. Blackheaded Persian sheep

Blackheaded Persian has a black head and neck with a white base color.

The sheep is native to Somalia.

The breed is well adjusted to Brazilian conditions, they are known as Somali Blackhead or Brazilian Somali.

3. Valais Blacknose sheep

Valais Blacknose has black face, black ears, knees and ankles. The base color is white.

The sheep’s origin is the Valais region of Switzerland.

Valais Blacknose

The breed is so cute and famous for its coarse wool.

4. Dorper sheep

Dorper sheep is a cross between a Dorset Horn and Blackhead Persian, so the name comes from their first syllables – Dorper.

Dorper usually comes with black head with a white base color.

Dorper is one of the fastest-growing sheep breeds, gains 36 kg live weight in 100 days. Perfect for commercial meat production farm.

5. German Blackheaded Mutton sheep

The German Blackheaded Mutton was produced by the cross of local breeds of Saxony with Leicester, Southdown, and Hampshire(All are black-headed meat sheep) from England.

The breed has black head, ears and legs.

The ewes of German Blackheaded Mutton weighs around 75 kg and deliver 2 lambs per year.

6. Hampshire sheep

Hampshire sheep has its origin from Hampshire  in Southern England.

The Hampshire has a black face and ears with no wool on it. Also legs below the knee are black and free of wool.

The Hampshire breed is known for its fast growth and efficient feed conversion.

7. Jacob sheep

Jacob sheep is one of the ancient British breed.

The Jacob sheep has black and white fleece.

They have a unique pair of horns sometimes four to six horns.

The Jacob sheep has its reference in the Old Testament when there was a conversation between Jason and his father-in-law.

8. Kerry Hill sheep

Kerry Hill sheep has got its name from Kerry village.

The Kerry Hill sheep has unique head colors. The sheep has black and white markings with black nose and black ears. Also legs with black and white colors.

Famous for its lean quality meat and good conformation. Know more about Kerry Hill sheep

9. Najdi sheep

Najdi sheep is native to Najd region but now primarily raised in Saudi Arabia.

Najdi is famous for its beautiful looks, also exhibited in many beauty pageants shows. The Najdi ewes cost around $5000 to $8000.

The Najdi sheep base color is black with white face, legs and tail.

10. Norfolk Horn sheep

Norfolk Horn sheep has black face and black legs.

Even though it resembles many black-faced meet sheep of England, it differs in many ways. It mainly found in lowland, which is lightly built and very hardy. That adapts well is poor forage regions.

An interesting fact about Norfolk horn is they are flighty just like goats, they jump around a lot.

11. North of England Mule

North of England Mule breed has come from Bluefaced Leicester ram and a Swaledale or a Northumberland type Blackface.

The breed hardy, prolific, early maturing and leat meat.

The base color is white with black and white mix face/legs.

12. Priangan sheep

Priangan sheep is from west java, Indonesia.

Priangan sheep

The breed has white and black spots all over the body.

Priangan mainly used for meat and fight.

13. Romanov sheep

Romanov sheep has its origin in Moscow.

The base color is white and having black face and legs with white spot on the head.

Romanov sheep

The most unique characteristic of Romanov sheep is the production of Quadruplets, quintuplets, and even sextuplets.

14. Rough Fell sheep

Rough Fell sheep are native to Cumbria. A hardy breed and long lived.

Have base color white with black and white face.

Rough Fell sheep

Rough fell sheep is known for its largest carcassed mountain sheep in British area.

15. Scottish Blackface sheep

The Scottish Blackface sheep are from the border area of England and Scotland.

Scottish Blackface sheep

Black and white face with white base color.

Famous for its fleece, each sheep can produce 1.7 to 3 kg. The fleece is of great interest among the fiber artiists in USA.

16. Suffolk sheep

The Suffolk sheep origin can be credited to Southdown rams on Norfolk Horned.

Suffolk has black face and black legs, with a base white color.

The sheep is large that weighs between 180 to 350 pounds 80 to 150 kgs).

17. Swaledale sheep

Swaledale sheep have white markings around the nose and eyes with blackface.

The name is from its origin place, Swaledale in England.

The breed is most famous for its cheese – Swaledale cheese. Mostly used for meat and wool, some of the rams are prized as 101,000 pounds in Auction.

18. Wensleydale sheep

Wensleydale sheep is famous for its grey face and long purled wool.

One of the endangered breed, that is at risk.

The wool from Wensleydale sheep is kemp free and considered as finest lustre long wool in the world.

19. Wrzosówka sheep

Wrzosówka sheep also called as Polish Heath. A landrace to Poland, that is part of Northern European short-tailed sheep.

Wrzosówka sheep has black face and legs.

20. Zwartbles sheep

Zwartbles sheep holds its origin in Holland.

Zwartbles sheep are tall black sheep and elegant. A perfect show breed, pretty face in England.

A white blaze on the face with complete black base color.

Zwartbles sheep

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