Adal Sheep : The best Ethiopian Meat Breed

Adal sheep is the best Ethiopian meat breed. Adal is also known as Afar, mostly found in Ethiopian highlands. 

They carry no wool, but they are grown only for meat.  

They are also known as a hair sheep breed.

Adal sheep originates from early importations from Arabia; they do have fat-tailed hair with no wool. Mostly found in the coastal strip, Danakil depression, and Rift valley in Ethiopia.

Adal Sheep Characteristics

Adal sheep are smaller in size.

They have short ears (10cm) and pricked. In around 5 percent of them, there will be no ears. They will act as vestigial ears.

The head is small, short, and straight in ewes but slightly convex in rams.

Have short hair as the coat.

Short neck. The chest is narrow. Legs are long but poorly fleshed.

Adal is unicolored from white to dark brown. Sometimes they are dark brown.

Both rams and ewes do not have horns (polled).

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The birth weight of Rams is around 2.5 kg and about 2.25 kg in ewes.

At maturity, the Adal sheep Rams weigh around 35 kg, and ewes body weight is about 24 kg.

One of the fat-tailed breeds just like Awassi sheep, but Adal is a hair breed. The fat tail has a broad base and reached below the hocks.

They are quite a hardy and robust breed can be adapted to any climatic conditions.

The lambing interval is about one year. Adal

 Sheep produces one kid per kidding cycle.

Conception rates are high, around 90 percent. 

The age at sexual maturity for Rams is around 7 to 11 months.

The age at first lambing is around 400 to 480 days.

The lambing interval is 255 days.

The Adal sheep is the most drought relative breed of sheep, which suits perfectly to Ethiopia climates.

Brief characteristics of Adal Sheep

Breed NameAdal sheep
Other NameAfar sheep, Fat-tailed sheep
Country/Place of OriginEthiopia
Breed PurposeMeat 
Breed Sizesmall
35 kg (77 lbs)
Ewe(Female)24 kg (53 lbs)
Kiddingone lamb
Good for Stall Fedopen grazing 
Climate ToleranceAll Climates

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