Alaska rabbit breed

The Alaska rabbit is a rabbit breed that is gorgeous. Despite the name, the Alaska rabbit is not from the cold region of North America. Rather, they originated from Germany.

Alaska rabbit breed facts

Alaska is a moderate-sized rabbit strain. The strain has a balanced and well-rounded body having a block type. But their body is not quite as compact as other strains. They have bone development due to their dimensions.

The Alaska rabbit’s most striking characteristic is its glossy coat that is black. And the Alaska rabbits are recognizable mainly due to their coat. In the event of rabbit breeds, the bucks do not become heavier compared to the does.

But the facts are different in the event of those Alaska rabbits. The Alaska dollars are thicker and bigger than the does. Along with the does are permitted to have a dewlap and often have more features that are feminine.

The ears of this Alaska bunny are vertical and rather short. Along with the ears are rounded and broad at the ends.

The Alaska rabbit is a colored breed that is strong, and it comes in 1 color selection, which can be black. Their body weight is around 3-4 kg.

Do Alaska rabbits make good pets?

The Alaska rabbit breed was originally developed as a fur rabbit. The strain is not uncommon but popular.

But it is such as revealing a gorgeous breed that is pretty popular in the United Kingdom. It can also be utilized for meat production as a moderate-sized animal.

The Alaska rabbits are often mild and docile. They could be an excellent pet or show animal and are calm and tender.

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They are rather not-aggressive and have a behavior that is tempered. The Alaska rabbits enjoy human companionship and are extremely loving despite getting the bubbly character.

Though it is a gentle breed, the Alaska rabbits can be skittish, and also they should not be cared for by young children. The lifespan of an Alaska rabbit is about 7 to 10 years.


Max Fischer of Gotha and Schmidt of Langensalza made the breed in 1900. They made the Alaska rabbit strain by crossing Dutch, Havanas, Himalayans, and Champagne d’Argents with the goal of acquiring a bunny that looks like the Alaskan fox, which might be profitable from the fur transactions of that moment. They were unable to attain this objective.

And ended up using all the black Alaska rabbit instead that is famous now. The strain was shown in 1907. It had been introduced in the UK soon but became extinct until re-introduced in 1972.

The Alaska bunny breed has been imported to North America in the 1970s. The breed was added to the American Rabbit Breeders Association’s Standard but removed in 1981 after curiosity about the breed.

Alaska bunny is known by the British Rabbit Council. Today the strain is not rare although popular. Alaska rabbit breeders are available throughout Europe.

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