All About Pygmy Goats

The Pygmy goats are miniature domestic goats. The best miniature pet goat is Pygmy goat. Keeping Pygmy as a pet is as always fun and filled with a lot of outdoor activities. Children love to spend time with the pygmy goat, as they are small, friendly, docile, playful, and intelligent.

A lot of people prefer Pygmy goats as pets. Pygmy goats need company, they can’t survive alone.

Pygmy goat facts

  1. Pygmy goats are native to Cameroon Valley of West Africa. Also called African Pygmy goat.
  2. A miniature domestic goat. African Pygmy goat at the shoulder height averaging 15 to 20 inches tall.
  3. Pygmy goats are mainly adopted as Pets. Due to their size, friendly, docile, playful, and intelligent nature.
  4. The male pygmy goat is known as Buck which weighs around 27 kg  to 39 kg (60 lb to 86 lb)
  5. The female pygmy goat is known as Doe which weighs around 24 kg to 34 kg. (53 lb to 75 lb)
  6. Pygmy goat comes in different colors. A few of the prominent colors are White caramel, dark caramel, black and grey Agouti.
  7. Pygmy goats live up to 15 years. On average Pygmy goat live around 10 years.
  8. Pygmy goats are quite hardy and can adapt to any climate. But during winters and rainy season, they prefer to have lukewarm food and water.
  9. Pygmy goats are more Athletic. They are playful, can leap great heights. So be careful with the fence height.
  10. The does have overall friendly temperaments, but bucks are known to be a bit stubborn and independent.
  11. Pygmy goats do not prefer closed enclosures, they like to stay in open areas all the time.
  12. Pygmy goats are social animals, they can’t stay alone. They need a company.
  13. Pygmy goats can achieve three kidding in two years. That said in every 7 months, goat delivers kids.
  14. Every kidding Pygmy goats can deliver from 1 kid to 4 kids.
  15. The average daily milk yield of the Pygmy goat is 0.9 kg to 2.5kg. The lactation period is 120 to 180 days.
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Complete Guide for Raising Pygmy Goats

The Cameroon dwarf goat is a small, sturdy breed that can adapt to any climate. Being miniature, raising them will easier when compared to other goat breeds.

Like all other goats, even pygmies are a social animal. They should be with other goats or any farm animals. Kept alone for longer periods, will not do well.

Pygmy goat shelter

  1. For two pygmies a 10ft by 10ft enclosure is more than enough, furnished with benches and hay rack.
  2. Pygmies are quite hardy and adapt to any climate, but like all goats, even they hate rain and wetness around.
  3. Have the ability to leap very high, so enclosures must be suitable.
  4. Fences should be about 4 feet high since Pygmy goats can’t jump higher than that.
  5. Electric lights should be provided – well out of reach of the goats.
  6. Access from the shed to a well-fenced area will provide space for exercise and fresh air, both essential for the fun-loving Pygmy Goat.
  7. Almost all Pygmies respect their boundaries(fence) and browse within the limit.
  8. Due to their miniature size, pygmies always take a chance to go under the fence. Fences should be tight to the ground, even the small dip can encourage Pygmy to escape.
  9. Pygmies are preys to many predators, the location of their shelter is to be carefully chosen and should be safe
  10. Miniature goats get easily scared for unknown reasons.
  11. Provide for enough straw. The goats need to feel warm during the night.

Pygmy goat feed

  1. Pygmies are very good browsers, can clear your patch of land within no time.
  2. A diet of hay and clean drinking water should be supplemented with roughage based feed such as alfalfa or chaff each day.
  3. Pygmies showed a positive preference for compounds tasting sweet, salty, sour and bitter, which may suggest they find a wider range of plants palatable.
  4. Vegetables and fruit should be added to their diet.
  5. Pygmy goat requires very little feed compared to other goats.
  6. Pygmies love grazing, a small patch of land with full of grass, will keep them happy and content.
  7. Hay can be considered during the winter season and during night munching.
  8. Alfalfa hay is high in calcium, which is essential when goats are kidding and producing milk.
  9. cedar is highly toxic for miniature goats.
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Pygmies health

  1. Twice a year, worms should be tested in the fecal matter.
  2. Once in 2 weeks, check for any lice infection.
  3. Trimming of hooves for every 3 to 4 weeks is recommended
  4. Pygmies should be provided with a yellow mineral lick in the goat shed.
  5. Regular vaccines should be provided once a year, consulting VET is required.

Breeding Pygmy Goats

  1. The sexual maturity of Pygmy goats is too early – an average of 4 months.
  2. Breeding them early is too dangerous and should be avoided.
  3. Always keep young does away from bucks until you are ready for them to breed. Let the Doe reach 18 months.
  4. Entire male kids should be separated from females at 10-11 weeks of age.
  5. The kidding cycle is once in around 8 months. There can be 3 kidding cycles for 2 years.
  6. Does can give birth to 2-4 kids every 9-12 months.
  7. Kids may be weaned at 12-14 weeks if they are taking a good ration of hay and concentrates.
  8. Most Does experience a normal birthing will have a kid within an hour of beginning labor.
  9. Consult Veterinarian if she is not given birth even after 2 hours of pushing.
  10. Pygmy wethers make excellent and popular pets.
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How to Make Money Raising Pygmy Goats

Pygmy goats provide multiple opportunities for making money. Pygmy goats make great pets, provide quality milk and also good meat. Three things to consider before starting a Pygmy goat farm for profit.

1. Buy pygmy goats

  • Buy goats from reputable dealers. Not from any other social channels, unless they are reputable.
  • Always buy more goats, as they are social animals. Make it a point to buy adult goats from a single dealer.
  • Best to buy goats that are used to staying in a pasture all of the time.

2. Identify Target Market

  • Pygmy goats have several options to make money.
  • Pygmy goats make great pets. Can target market in breed improvement.
  • Pygmies give very good milk which has around 4.5 to 11% of fat. Milk stays fresh for a long time. Local bakeries prefer goat milk.
  • Pygmy goats meat is also preferred.
  • Finally, the fiber is also used in the clothing industry.

3. Promote Pygmy Goat

  • If you breed the goats to sell to other people, explain that the investment required to raise pygmies is small compared to other livestock.
  • Explain that goat meat is leaner yet marbled, which makes the meat tender.
  • If you sell milk, explain how goat milk is easier to digest and doesn’t cause problems for people who suffer allergies

Raising Pygmy Goats as Pets

Pygmy goats make good pets. The reason being the good pets are, they are small, easy to handle, very friendly, more social, plays a lot, docile, and intelligent. Pygmy goats can be trained, just like dogs. Pygmy goats are more affectionate to children. 

Urban dwellers are more fond of Pygmy goats. Pygmy goats are more of the companion goats. Most of the Urban owners do not expect anything from Pygmy like milk or meat, but they need the goat’s time.

The pygmy goat is one of the miniature goats which can be a house pet. Before making a huge decision, know about Pygmy goats personality and pygmy goat characteristics.

1. Country’s regulation on Livestock

Each country has different rules. Some countries do not allow livestock to stay inside the house in city limits and there are few restrictions to it. Please check the regulations associated with it.

2. Financial implications

Unknown VET bills and feed bills can increase month on month, based on the number of pygmies you own. Even though Pygmy goats are sturdy, they do require regular vaccination. Vaccinations throughout their lifetimes, which can last up to 15  years.

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3. How to choose Pygmy Goats

Wethers are cheaper too. As a pet, they are very suitable for a family with children. Goats are social animals, it is recommended to keep at least two.

4. How much do Pygmy goats cost?

If you’re looking to purchase a Pygmy goat, there is a list of registered breeders on the National Pygmy Goat Association. 

Based on the pedigree the price of Pygmy goats varies. Also if you are purchasing from an ethical registered breeder, you will end up getting the best of the pygmy.

Pygmy goats cost around $150  to $300.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do pygmy goats need?

Pygmy goats are small goats but they are very playful. They do require around 30′ x 30′ fencing area for a couple of the pygmy goats to play around. Always keep their shelter secure and playful. Keep something to climb on to, they love to climb and jump.

Can you show pygmy goats?

If you are a first-timer and you want to take pygmy goats to show. Just take them, do not think too much. There are certain minimum guidelines that the goat should meet.

  • The breed should adhere to the standard set by National Pygmy Goat Association, based on colors, set measurements per sex/age category.
  • It is not compulsory for a Pygmy to be registered to show.
  • It will be perfect to take your wethers to the show. For the show updates better to the Pygmy Goat club magazine or NPGA site.
  • There will be shows category for the first-timers too, nothing to scare you, just take them to the show and have fun.

Do Pygmy goats make good house pets?

Pygmy goats do make good pets. But not good house pets. They are farm animals and they need to be in a designated place. The Pygmy goats are curious and friendly, so it’s not advisable to keep them as house pets.

Pygmy goats may tend to be aggressive when they are not comfortable at your house, this will have an impact on the children. So it’s better to keep them their shed or fencing area and treat them like goats. They are wonderful as farm pet animals.

How long do pygmy goats live?

The lifespan of Pygmy goats is 15 years on an average. Pygmy goats can live for 12 years to 18 years.

what do pygmy goats eat?

Pygmy goats are all ruminant animals. Your pygmies can graze while blooms are plentiful In case you have pasture. They eat brush and blossoms.

In winter, or when you have do not have pasture, nourish your pygmies great excellent grass or timothy hay. Ensure that your goats have access and supply lick on with a salt cube to allow them.

They remain healthy and effective if suitably fed. Unlike bigger goats, goat grains aren’t necessarily needed by many pygmies. Don’t cease to feed them hay to better their digestion.

But nursing and pregnant does and developing children require some industrial goat feed to satisfy their energy requirements. However, be certain you give a balanced quantity of protein.

Brief characteristics of Pygmy goat

Breed NamePygmy
Other NameCameroon Dwarf Goat, African Pygmy Goat
Country/Place of OriginWest Africa
Breed PurposeMeat, Milk, and Pet
Breed Sizesmall
27 to 39 kg
Doe 24 to 34 kg
KiddingOne to Four (Every nine to 12 months)
Milk Yield0.9 to 2.5 liters a day
Good for Stall FedYes
Climate ToleranceQuite hardy and can adapt to any climate

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