Altai Mountain goat breed

Altai Mountain goat is a moderate-sized creature raised mainly for wool manufacturing.

It is uniform in size color, conformation and yarn manufacturing.

The breed is largely gray or black in color. Both will not and bucks generally have horns.

They are superior to local people in live weight and wool production (5-10 kg greater fat and 3-4 times more yarn manufacturing ).

The average bodyweight of the Altai Mountain bucks is approximately 65-70 kg. And the does on weight approximately 41-44 kg.

Altai Mountain goat temperament

Altai Mountain goats are primarily raised for wool manufacturing. However, their meat is of great qualities and they are ready to fatten quickly through a brief summer period.

So they may also be good for meat production together with the creation of yarn.

Altai Mountain goat is quite hardy and normally very busy. The breed is known for its strong constitution and adaptability to the terms of husbandry in the highlands.

The wool of the Altai Mountain goats has high technological attributes. And wool is a precious commodity for industry.

Their guard hair is black and true wool dark grey. Articles in Altai Mountain goat’s fleece is about 65-70 percent.

An average wool manufacturing is all about 600-900 g for bucks, and approximately 450-600 grams for does.


The Altai Mountain goat is really a strain of goat increased for wool manufacturing. The breed Was Made from the Soviet Union’s Gorno-Altai Autonomous Region.

It was developed on collective farms in this area between 1944 and 1982. Even the Altai Mountain goat is maintained on pasture all the year-round.

It is the consequence of Don goat used for the improvement of the goats.

The total population of the Altai Mountain goat rose from 7,700 in 1970 to 9,900 in 1983. And cashmere manufacturing climbed from 2600 to 3840 kg.

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