American Game: The Game chicken

The American Game chicken is primarily raised for male chickenfighting. The breed of game fowl originated in the United States. Nowadays the game chicken is kept for ornament(show birds).

The Game chicken is bred for male chickenfighting a long time ago and even now in some countries like Indian Asil chicken and Sumatra. The American Game chicken is supposedly the purest chicken breed, which is the way nature has given.

The game chicken is famous for the high spirit and courage. One of the oldest breeds which were used for male chickenfighting. There are no proper standards set for this breed, so the American poultry Association has not recognized the full-size game chicken.

In 1950 the Bantam Game chicken was added to the American Bantam Association yearbook. Even the Poultry Club of Great Britain has not recognized the large fowl American Game.

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American Game chicken breed information

The American Game rooster comes in a different mix of colors. But hens are available in all colors. The colors are black, blue, blue-red, brown-red, black breaded red, golden duckwing, silver duckwing, red Pyle , white and brown-red are recognized by the American Poultry Association.

The Game chicken comes with a small five-pointed single comb.

The weight of the adult bantam rooster is 850g and the bantam hen is 765 g.

The eggs are medium-sized and brown in color.

The eggs are medium-sized and lay regularly. The game chickens go broody once a month if you want chicks, then this is the best breed. If you are concerned about large-sized eggs, then this is not for you.

The American Game chicken is more protective of their chicks. AS they are very good fighters they can easily fend of predators or other birds.

American Game is a very hardy breed, can survive harsh environments.

Too noisy can’t be confined, they should be free-ranged.

Very active and flighty birds. These birds are not for the small homesteads. Excellent flyers can easily fly over fences.

American Game chicken interesting facts

Most of the great leaders of America like Abrahan Lincoln, George Washington were proud owners of Game chicken. Most of the chicken enthusiasts proudly own them for their cultural and historical value.

Few breeders who are close to predator zones, usually keep Game chicken for raising the chicks. They protect their chicks with at most care, sometimes even other breed eggs are left for these hens to take care.

For show purposes, the earlobes, wattles, and comb are cut off.

The bantam version of the American Game chicken was created by crossing wild Red Jungle fowl with fighting bantams. The breed was created in New Jersey by Frank Gary in 1940.

Game chicken is not for everyone. The roosters are very aggressive towards predators and even for other roosters. After 6 months of age, the roosters need to be separated, else they will fight till death.

One of the best free-range chicken, which loves to scavenge the whole farm and protect themselves from predators.

American game chickens come in different strains like Sweater, Kelso, Hatch, Whitehackle, Albany, Butcher and Claret. All these names are the ring name to the game birds. The chicks of these champions have grown into individual strains.

Some Game chicken is exported in the United Kingdom, as there were only a few very left in 2002.

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