Are Californian rabbits good pets?

Californian rabbit is a strain that is gorgeous. It is also known as California White. This breed was produced by George West in Southern California.

The Californian rabbit was also developed by him by crossing also the Standard Chinchilla rabbit strain as well as Himalayan breeds and then crossed the offspring. His goal was to create a good pet/show rabbit breed. But the Californian rabbit is raised for meat manufacturing and their fur worth.

The strain took to become popular, also was not popular after their growth. Today it is widely raised rabbit strain in America. Californian bunny is a recognized breed by the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Californian rabbits breed information

The Californian rabbit is big in size with nicely rounded compact body. The colour variety is white with spots and normally they do not have any other color.

Californians are very much like the Himalayan in coloration with a white figure and points. They have big ears, which can be held erect. And have really dark brown markers (almost black) on their tail, nose, ears and feet.

Their throat is very short, and they have eyes. They’re extremely muscular, saturated in the shoulders and deep as it is wide in the hindquarters. Their coat is glossy and soft.

Like many other bunny breeds, the Californian does are heavier than the bucks.

Normally, adult does weight up to 5.45 kg and bucks up to 4.9 kg.

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Are Californian rabbits good pets?

Today the Californian rabbit is principally raised for their fur value and also for beef production. It is a very suitable breed for production.

They are also raised by Individuals as pets and as show rabbits.

The Californian rabbit is a fantastic breed with a really beautiful appearance. They have an easy-going and very nice character also are fantastic as pets.

They are very good-natured calm creatures and friendly. They’re lively and quite active, enjoy playing and researching.

The Californian does are moms and they make litters of 8-12 kits. Although they were designed with the intention of raising or demonstrating as pets. But today they’re mainly raised for fur and meat production.

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