Are Flemish giant rabbits good pets?

The Flemish Giant bunny is a rabbit breed that is domestic mainly known for its huge dimensions.

It is the rabbit breed in existence and originated at Flanders. The breed was bred as early as the sixteenth century near the city of Ghent, Belgium. But the modern Flemish Giant rabbit breed was developed in the UK.

Flemish giant rabbits breed information

The Flemish Giant bunny is one of rabbit in the world’s biggest national strain. They have long bodies and a back with nicely rounded and strong hindquarters.

Their legs are strong, muscular and therefore are of average length. They have big ears that are held in a V contour over the head.

Giant rabbits that are Man have a broader and more imposing head compared to females. The breed has medium length hair with a glossy sheen and a dense undercoat. There are lots of color varieties of the rabbit breed.

The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognized seven distinct colours for this breed. Which are Fawn, Blue, Light Gray, Steel Gray, Black, Sandy and White.

Body fat of a Flemish Giant rabbit can reach about 10 kg. But the show standard minimum weight for a mature doe is about 6.4 kg and the show typical minimal weight of a senior dollar is about 5.9 kg.

Flemish giant rabbits benefits

The Flemish Giant bunny is quite popular as pets. They are also quite acceptable for commercial bunny farming business for creating meat and fur.

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Giant rabbits are serene and make fantastic pets. But they are too heavy to take care of. This breed can be helpful for you whether you’re currently searching for a gentle giant.

They’re relatively quiet calm and are of sweet-natured, although this Giant rabbit’s dimensions might appear intimidating. Their personality was compared to the most gentle of dog breeds. They’re also quite good for raising along with pets.

As a strain that is huge, the Flemish Giant rabbit takes a whole good deal of space. They can be kept in cages.

The bucks generally take about 1.5 years to reach complete maturity. Along with that the will require about 1 year to get reaching their maturity.

Normal lifespan of a Flemish Giant bunny is about 5-10 years.


The breed is believed to have descended from numerous fur and meat rabbit breeds. Probably the most Stone Rabbit and the European Patagonian Rabbit was likewise a part of this. That Patagonian rabbit (now extinct) was a massive breed which was formerly bred in Belgium and France.

The criteria for its Giant rabbit strain were written in 1893. Along with the strain is a ancestor of other bunny breeds all around the world. One of them is that the Hare, which has been imported into England.

The Flemish Giant rabbit was brought to the United States from the early 1900s. Along with the strain is recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

The strain is also known by many different nicknames, such as the Soft Giant because of its distinctively manicured personality and the Universal Rabbit for its varied purposes including breeding, pet, fur, meat and series animal.

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