Are goats native to Ireland?

The Old Irish goat is a really old breed of goat in Ireland. Despite the name, the most Irish goat isn’t indigenous to Ireland. Rather, the breed is believed to have originated from some of the Islands.

It is closely related to indigenous goat strains of Scotland England and Wales. After the goat that was Irish has been imported to Scotland and England, it had been known as ‘The Irish Goat’.

Along with the breed is included as one of the four ‘British Primitive’ goat breeds. The goat had been Ireland’s sole goat strain until the beginning of the 20th century.

Old Irish goat breed information

Irish goats are medium sized animal. They have long hair and are quite beautiful. They’ve a cashmere undercoat under their outer coat that is long that will help to keep their own body warm in cold weather.

The strain has a range of colours, but is usually found in a combination of gray, black and white colour. Both the Irish bucks and will not have horns.

The does have horns that are relatively tiny, while the dollars have horns that are larger. And it is possible to distinguish a Irish goat’s era by restricting the horn rings of it.

The dimensions and weight of the Irish goats can fluctuate, but the dollars are more heavy than the does.

The bucks weight between 75 and 50 kg. And the doe weighs between 35 and 60 kg.

Old Irish goat benefits

The breed is principally raised for milk and meat production.

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Goats are hardy and robust. They could survive on to marginal forages. They’re extremely adaptable creatures and can be discovered in remote and rugged regions of the Island.

They’re nimble-footed on crags and cliffs that are precipitous. The does are great milk creates.

Along with a doe that is domesticated can produce up to 750 liters of milk per year. As a breed, the goat is acceptable for fiber, milk, meat, and skin production.


Irish goats have been raised for skin, milk and meat production in Ireland. And the goat is a multipurpose breed, but chiefly used for meat and milk production.

Feral populations of the forests have now been established in many parts of the region. Escapes from the farms or willful releases from captivity have created these feral populations.

And those goats’ populations have persisted in rocky and remote regions to which the strain is adapted. Now the amount of Irish goats isn’t too much.

But society has named called ‘The Old Irish Goat Society’, for preserving and promoting the goat that was Irish that was old.

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