Are Harlequin rabbits good pets?

The Harlequin rabbit is one of the oldest forms of rabbit, that was developed in France in the 1880s.

It’s a brilliant breed based round the coloration and markings, instead of fur and body type.

Harlequin rabbits information

The Harlequin rabbit comes in 2 varieties; Japanese and Magpie. The Western Harlequin rabbits are generally orange and either black, blue, chocolate or lilac.

And also the Magpie Harlequin rabbits are and white rather than orange black, blue, chocolate or lilac. Both kinds are moderate in size. Their ears are of medium length and stay vertical.

A perfect Harlequin rabbit is going to be divided between the two colors in the head, feet, ears, and body. It looks like a stripe between the two colors. Some Harlequins may have orange or white bellies.

It is a little rabbit breed. Their figure wight is between 2 and 3 kg. And like nearly all other rabbit breeds, the will not be heavier than the bucks.

The main colorways of the Harlequin rabbit are blue, black, lilac, chocolate (all mixed with orange) and dark, blue, lilac, chocolate (all blended with white). The breed is usually short-haired.

And the coat is soft and dense.

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Are Harlequin rabbits good pets?

Currently, the Harlequin rabbit is mostly maintained as a show animal. Nevertheless, they were famous for meat production. And good as pets. The strain is suitable for children.

The Harlequin rabbit is a clever, docile, and lively breed. It is comparatively a breed that is good-natured. It is calm in nature and considered as pets for kids.

The Harlequins are intelligent and can be trained to understand their title. They’re known to be more intelligent than the guinea hens and pigs.

They need things to climb on, crawl through, dig and dig and are playful. Although the breed is readily treated and safe for kids, an adult must supervise the care and handling of their rabbits. This Harlequin rabbit’s lifespan is up to five years.


Placing with the semi-wild Tortoiseshell Dutch bunny with really wild rabbits created the Harlequin rabbit.

The Tortoiseshell Dutch rabbits were popular during this time. In 1887, the Harlequin rabbits have been shown at international events in Paris and the strain made it shortly after that. Because of their markers, the strain was a favorite series creature in England. And the breed became popular as a meat animal.

Many fanciers suggest that the Harlequin rabbit is in fact not a strain. Rather it is a color kind. But others assert it is a strain of rabbit with this color scheme.

The Harlequin rabbit was recognized as the 1920s in the United States. Probably the initial name of this Harlequin rabbit strain was that the Japanese. However, that title was dropped through the World Wars.

Today, the Harlequin breed is recognized by the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association and the British Rabbit Council.

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