Are Jersey Wooly rabbits good pets?

The Jersey Wooly rabbit is a strain of national rabbit known because of its character and gentle disposition. As their title suggests, the Jersey Wooly rabbit came from New Jersey.

Jersey Wooly rabbit facts

The Jersey Wooly rabbits are a strain of rabbits. They are wooly, compact, and round rabbits. They have short, easy to care wool and come in an entire selection of colors. Roundheads, small ears, and their big eyes provide them a ‘baby face’ such as appearance.

Their small ears are erect standing about two and a half-inch long. Their head is squarish and bold. The breed comes in patterns and many color varieties including shaded itself and agouti patterns.

Other fine colors include blue, black, blue tort, black otter, chocolate, chestnut, pointed white, smoke pearl, and siamese sable.

Their ordinary body weight is roughly 1 to 1.5 kg.

Are Jersey Wooly rabbits good pets?

Jersey Wooly rabbits are primarily increased as display animals. And they are amazing as pets. They’re one of the bunny breeds as a pet.

Jersey Wooly rabbit is extremely affectionate and energetic. They are of great behavior and have personalities.

They are known to be rarely aggressive and gentle. They’re both sweet and docile, as well as smart.

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They adore love affair and human companionship. They also love being petted and handled and enjoy companionship very far. They’re calm and quiet rabbits that are very easy to take care of.

All of the qualities previously, create the Jersey Wooly rabbit a perfect pet for kids and also for adults. The lifespan of a Jersey Wooly rabbit is more or about 7 to 10 years.


This strain was created by bonnie Seeley of High Bridge, New Jersey.

She wanted to create a little rabbit breed which would be good as pets using a simple to care coat. This strain was created by her by crossing the Netherland Dwarf rabbit as well as also the Angora bunny.

The consequence of that cross proved to be a rabbit with a wool coat. Historical Jersey Wooly rabbits still maintained the French Angora, made smaller by the effect of the gene’s body shape.

The Jersey Wooly rabbit was introduced by bonnie Seeley in Orlando, Florida in the 1984 American Rabbit Breeders Association Convention. Afterward, the American Rabbit Breeders Association knew the breed in the year of 1988.

Even though the breed was originally designed to produce a long pet rabbit which was simple to look after.

But the Jersey Wooly rabbit has also been among the most widely exhibited rabbits in local and national exhibits from the USA. It’s one of the hottest pet rabbits across the world, Nowadays.

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