Are Normande cattle polled or horned?

The Normande cows are a dual-purpose breed that is utilized for both meat and milk production.

The breed is in fact from the Normandy region in North West France, and it is claimed to be descended from the cattle erased by settlers in the 9th century.

Normande cattle breed information

Normande cattle are medium to large animals. They are usually chestnut-brown pied or pied creatures that are black. Their eyes are “spectacled” and you will find darker pigmented hairs around the eyes. Normande cattle are polled.

Their dark-pigmented eye area avoids sun damage to the eyes in solar exposure. They have a head that is white and there are occasionally a few brown spots from the region.

The average elevation of the bulls is approximately 152 cm and 140 cm for the cows. Bodyweight of the bulls is roughly 1100 pounds. Along with the cows on average weight approximately 700 kg.

Normande cattle benefits

The Normande cows are dual-purpose animals. They’re valued for all their meat and milk production.

The Normande cows are hardy creatures. They have legs and hardy feet that let them navigate in the difficult terrains.

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They have exceptional grazing capacity and noted for their longevity. They are of behavior that is docile and have calm nature.

The cows have good mothering instincts along with the bulls are simple to deal with. The cows are fertile and reach maturity and stay fertile for many years after.

The cows can create up to 6000 kg of milk per lactation and are milk manufacturers that are exceptional.

Their milk is of really excellent quality comprising about 3.5 percent protein and 4.4% fat with a 4.2 percent butterfat content.

The breed is also good for meat production when slaughtered, and produce a higher percentage return.


Cows evolved for more than a million years to satisfy up with milk and meat needs. The present herdbook for the strain was started in France in 1883.

The strain is also popular out it’s native area also has been a popular export of France since the late 1800s. Throughout the world the breed has been exported to a lot of countries Because the late 1800s.

It was exported to Colombia South America, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Now the breed is found in every continent throughout the world.

The Normande cattle are mostly bred for meat in the United States, but there is a strong push for it to be utilized for milk production also.

Currently, the strain is largely increased in France for supplying rich milk to the cheese industry while preserving their outstanding carcass quality.

There is nearly 1.2 million population of the breed outside France.

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