Are Polish chickens good pets?

Polish chicken is a gorgeous crested bird and one of the most decorative of poultry strains .

It is famous for its the wild top hat of feathers and is a popular chicken breed. Chicken is also referred to as Poland or Paduan.

Polish chicken characteristics

Polish poultry has lots of interesting characteristics, and they’re very popular due to their unusual appearance with beautiful crest.

They have a small V-shaped comb of vivid red color. Their wattles are bright and small red. They have sized earlobes.

Earlobes and their small wattles might be concealed crest and by the blossom.

Polish chicken’s thighs are gray and their skin color is white. There are many color varieties of the chicken breed.

And the color vary depending on the color varieties. Bearded White, Bearded Silver, Bearded Golden, Bearded Buff Laced, White Crested Black, Non-Bearded White, Non-Bearded Buff Laced, Non-Bearded Golden, Non-Bearded Silver, etc., are some color varieties of Polish chicken breed recognized by the American Poultry Association.

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Standard Polish roosters weight about 2.75 kg and hens about 2 kg. Along with also the bantam roosters weigh about 0.85 kg and hens about 0.74 kg.

Are Polish chickens good pets?

Some chicken varieties are excellent levels of moderate-sized white eggs. They go and rarely are non-sitters.

They are nervous and easily amazed. Their crests have a tendency to obscure their vision, making them prone to predators. And if the crest dirty and becomes wet, it can hang directly in its eyes.

Which may lead to locating beverage and food. So care must be taken for keeping them tidy.

Polish chicken is quite simple to deal with and tame. They are similar to Leghorn chicken in both dimensions and type. They are good as pets.


This breed’s exact origin is unknown, but it is a European chicken breed.But it isn’t out of Poland although it is called Poland.

But the breed derived it’s name from the similarity to the square, spreading crests about the feathered caps historically worn by soldiers.

Exotic cows are believed to have arrived in America between 1840 and 1830.

Plus it was quite popular and preferred by poultry fanciers and the farmers during a certain length of time. It is a very old chicken breed, and was known during the 1700s in England.

American Poultry Association accepted three Polish varieties into their Standard of Perfection in 1874.

And additional varieties were accepted.Today Polish chicken strain is principally raised as a decorative breed and also used for exhibit.

The breed is recorded in the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy’s Conservation Priority List’s opinion group.

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