Are Polish rabbits good pets?

The Polish rabbit is among the smallest strains and chiefly increased as pets and for show purpose.

Though it’s title is Polish, but it’s not a strain out of Poland. The bunny originated in the 19th Century in England.

Polish rabbits breed information

The Polish rabbit is compact, short and round appearance. They have ears and have a short head with full cheeks and eyes.

They have short and fine hair. The rabbit comes in a variety of colors. The color kinds are agouti, black, blue, broken pattern, white, and chocolate (red or blue ).

Only the Polish rabbits with red eyes were recognized. But now, most of the color types are recognized from the breed standard.

As a somewhat smaller strain, the average body weight of this rabbit is between 1.1 and 1.6 kg.

Are Polish rabbits good pets?

The rabbit was mainly created as a beef breed. But today, the strain is quite popular as a show animal and raised as pets.

Mothers rabbits are composed in temperament than most other compact rabbit breeds. Also, enjoy the attention and They’re proven to be bright, curious, and playful.

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They are extremely friendly and considered safe. Although they can become competitive if something goes wrong.

A rabbit’s average lifespan is about 5 to 6 years. However, can live longer in care that is proper.


The strain was named Polish due to the ‘polish’ of the glossy coat of it.

The exact origins of this rabbit are unknown. But they are thought to possess Albino and wild, silver Dutch rabbits.

The strain was originally developed as a beef breed. Although they are smaller in proportion, they were considered a delicacy.

The Polish rabbit was exported to the USA from Britain in around 1912. The breed is one of those very modest rabbit breeds.

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