Argentata dell’Etna goat breed facts

The Argentata dell’Etna goat is a breed of domestic goat out of Italy raised mainly for milk production, and also for meat.

It’s a native breed in southern Italy, in the Mediterranean island of Sicily, from the area of Mount Etna in the Monti Peloritani from the state of Messina and the province of Catania.

Argentata dell’Etna Breed information

Argentata dell’Etna goat is a moderate sized goat. It has a jacket that is colored, from light to dark with silvery reflexes.

Hair of the Argentata dell’Etna goats is of and rough medium-long. They have face that is colored along with their skin colour is gray.

Both does and bucks are citrus.

Both bucks and does, and the breed is usually horned generally have horns.

As a moderate sized goat breed height of the Argentata dell’Etna dollar is about 75 cm, and 67 cm for the does.

The does on moderate weight is 38 kg and bucks weight about 50 kg.

Argentata dell’Etna benefits

Argentata dell’Etna goat is a dual-purpose animal. It is increased for milk and meat production. Nonetheless, it’s mainly kept as a milk goat breed in the native area of it.

Like most other dairy goat breeds, the Argentata dell’Etna goats are of good behaviour and have relatively calm temperament.

Exactly the are good milk producers.

Typically, the does produce about 120 liters of milk in 150 days for primiparous, 160 liters for secondiparous in 210 days and 180 liters in 210 days for nannies.

Milk of those Argentata dell’Etna goat contains about 4.5 percent of fat and 3.6 percent of protein. This goat is superior as a milk goat breed and also great for meat production.


Mainly increased in the provinces of Enna and Palermo. The breed is named after the silvery grey jacket of it and also for the volcano.

Exact origins of this breed are still unknown. However, the Argentata dell’Etna goat reveals the Garganica goat breed similarities. And also to some other gray breeds such as the Cilentana Grigia of Campania and the Ciociara Grigia of Lazio.

Even the Argentata dell’Etna goat is just one of those 43 autochthonous Italian goat strains of limited distribution where a herdbook is kept. The herdbook is kept by the Associazione Nazionale della Pastoriziathe Italian national association of sheep- and – goat-breeders.

The herdbook was created at the entire year of 2002. Registered inhabitants of this Argentata dell’Etna goat has been reported as 1885 as 2304 at the end of 2013, and the whole population isn’t more than 7000.

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