Armenian Semicoarsewool Sheep characteristics

Armenian Semicoarsewool Sheep is an Armenian medium wool fat-tailed sheep.

The sheep are used for meat and milk production purposes.

Crossing American Rambouillet and Lincoln with Balbas gave birth to Armenian Semicoarsewool sheep.

The breed is called Armyanskaya Polugrubosherstnaya.

Armenian Semicoarsewool Sheep Breed Information

The Armenian Semicoarsewool breed are relatively large in size and has a strong constitution and a well-developed frame.

The breed is unicolored, generally white.

The Matured ram weighs around 85 kg (190 lb), and ewe weigh about 55 kg (120 lb).

Rams’ height at withers is 74 cm (29 inches), and the size of ewes at withers is 67 cm(26 inches).

The legs are strong, of medium length, with hard hoofs.

A well-adapted breed to its native environment.

The tail is medium-sized, with two cushions of fat, and reaches the hocks.

Lambs show rapid growth with good weight gain. At the age of 5 months, the rams weigh 28 to 34 kg and ewes around 26 to 30 kg

The fleece weight of ewes is around 3 kg, and rams are 4.6 kg. Yearling ewes produce 2.3-3.0 kilograms of wool and ram 2.5-3.5 kilograms. The clean wool yield is 69-74%.

Milk is suitable for the American climate.

They produce around 100 to 120 kg.

Ewes are milked only after 60 days of a lamb; each ewe can produce about 30 to 30 kg of marketable milk with 6% fate.

The lambing rate is 92 to 115 per hundred ewes lambing.

Things to know

The Armenian Semicoarsewool breed developed between 1931 and 1983. It is raised in Martunin, Ararat, Azizbekov, Ekhegnadzor, and Talin districts of Armenia.

The best flocks of Armenian sheep are at Tsakar breeding center and on Aragats breeding state farm.

The breed was developed in the mountains at altitudes of 1200-3500 m. The rainfall is 450-750 mm, and the climate is continental.

More than half the agricultural lands are rough mountain pastures. In winter, sheep are kept in pens for 3-5 months and receive roughage.

Brief characteristics of Armenian Semicoarsewool Sheep

Breed NameArmenian Semicoarsewool
Other NameArmyanskaya Polugrubosherstnaya
Country/Place of OriginArmenia
Breed Purpose milk and meat
Breed Sizemedium to Large
85 kg (187 lb)
Ewe(Female)55 kg (121 lb)
Good for Stall Fedopen grazing /intensive
Climate ToleranceNative Climates


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