Aylesbury duck breed information

The Aylesbury duck is a breed of domestic duck, appearing in the United Kingdom. It was developed from the town of Aylesbury.

Aylesbury duck is bred for its wonderful look and meat. This breed’s source is not apparent. But raising studs became common in Aylesbury.

Aylesbury duck breed information

Aylesbury duck is a large sized breed. It contains skin that is white and has pure white plumage, although other ducks have yellow skin.

Aylesbury ducks have a long body with horizontal carriage. They have. Their feet and legs are orange and they have an unusually long and straight bill that is pinkish-white.

Their legs are placed midway across the body and it stands together with its underside parallel to the floor, which makes it a body described as”boat-shaped”. Their eyes are of grayish blue color. They have relatively long and thin neck.

Ducks are of two different kinds; usefulness and exhibit. The display kind has an extremely deep keel which makes it hard to successfully partner.

While the usefulness kind is able to mate their keel and naturally is smaller.

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The typical bodyweight of the Aylesbury duck is about 4.5 kg along with the drakes weighs about 5 kg.

Are Aylesbury ducks friendly?

Aylesbury duck is mainly raised as an insect. They are highly popular because of their own meat production. Along with the breed is increased for ornamental and exhibit purposes.

Aylesbury duck is extremely good natured and friendly.

It’s a superior meat duck breed using carcass that is white. Young ducks may get to the slaughtering weight (about five pounds) within seven to nine weeks of age.

They are sometimes grown quickly by feeding concentrated duck feed, as they are not as active and not active foragers.

The ducks are reasonable layers of tinted green or moderately sized white colored eggs. They will lay about 35 to 125 eggs per year.

The ducks are all mothers, and Aylesbury duckling incubates from the egg to 28 days. Even the Aylesbury duck is a duck breed that is slow-moving as well as exceptional as pets.


The prevalence of increasing white ducks increased mainly because of the demand for white feathers as a filler for quilts.

Breeding for shape size and color contributed to the Aylesbury duck. And in this period, duck farming became a major industry in Aylesbury.

Aylesbury is just another duck breed such as the Orpington duck, which will be named after the place of its development. The breed was initially called’White English’.

Along with creating feathers, it was popular for it’s beef for the white carcass of it. The Aylesbury duck was imported into the United States in 1840.

However, it became popular there. But the strain was admitted at 1876 into the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection.

Plus it had been also listed as critically endangered (as of 2013) in the USA by The Livestock Conservancy.

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