Bali duck breed facts

The Bali duck is a gorgeous breed of duck. It is also known as among the oldest domestic duck breeds, and Balinese Crested duck or the Crested Runner duck.

The Bali duck is used for meat, egg production, decoration, and also as a pet.

Bali duck breed information

Bali duck is a lightweight national breed of duck.

In appearance, it’s similar to the Indian Runner duck. But only differing in having a crest at the top of the head.

Bali ducks possess a slim type vertical body, however, their body carriage isn’t as varied as the Indian Runners.

Indian Runners tend to change between carrying their bodies at an angle of 45 to 75 degrees while the Bali ducks can be anywhere within the array of 60 to 70 degrees.

Bali duck remains vertical than the Indian Runners which do lower it more when relaxed.

Bali ducks have bill form and a coarser head, their shoulders are wider and have heavier-set body than the Indian Runner ducks.

The Bali ducks have lots of varieties of standard colors. But most frequent color varieties are Brown, Mallard, and White.

The average body weight of this Bali duck is between 2.25 and 2.75 kg.

Bali duck breed benefits

For decoration purposes, the Bali duck is raised and also as pets. Nevertheless, it is a good egg layer and great meat duck breed because it’s a bigger size.

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The Bali duck is for maintaining, despite the fantastic look of it, a really functional bird. They are excellent need substantial space and foragers.

Like the Indian Runner ducks, the Bali ducks are also outstanding pest control for the gardens. Bali ducks are egg whites that are great.

On average a duck will put approximately 120 to 250 large eggs each year. Their eggs are made to white in color of blue.

They’re friendly in nature and very excellent as pets, and not flyers. They are fairly rare outside the native place of it and they have not achieved the same success.


As its name suggests, the Bali duck originally came from the beautiful island of Bali to the east uncommon, also generally of Java outside of Bali.

Bali ducks are humorous birds to see their upright carriage. They have a gene that is thought to be. Soon that means that if two ducks with the bloodlines are permitted to strain, the eggs won’t hatch.

And if hatch, the ducklings are born with deformities such as arched necks, balance and back problems, and complications from the creation of the skull that cause death prior to repainting.

On average, one of every three offspring will probably lack the crest.

Bali ducks could be cross-legged with a variety of Bali duck that does not have exactly the crest even or on the head of it with for preventing this from occurring Indian Runners.

Doing so causes a higher survival rate, but reduces the number of ducklings that are crested into 50 percent. The Bali duck mostly increased for decoration or as pets and is a breed of domestic duck.

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