Balkhi sheep breed information

Balkhi sheep is a fat-tailed breed originated from Afghanistan and Pakistan. The primary purpose of the breed is for meat, even though they produce wool.

The fat present in the tail makes this breed on high demand in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Wool doesn’t fetch good money, as compared to meat.

Balkhi sheep breed information

Blakhi sheep is a medium built sheep which comes in black or grey in color.

The body is muscular, ears are long and the tail is fat.

Both ram and ewe are polled.

The Matured ram weighs around 70 kg(150 lb) and ewes weigh around 55 kg (121 lb).

The mature ram has height at its wither 87 cm (34 in) and ewes are 74 cm (29 in).

The wool average diameter is 43.5 micrometers with approximately 2 kg of wool per year.

The lactation period is for 105 days. Approximately producing around 60 kgs of milk, which will be sufficient for the lamb.

Male lambs weigh around 5 kg at birth while ewe around 3.8 kg.

Considering climates in both Afghan and Pakistan this bred is very hardy. During food shortages, they will depend on their fat tail as a back source for nutrition. 

Brief characteristics of Balkhi Sheep

Breed NameBalkhi sheep
Other Name
Country/Place of Origin Afghanistan and North-western Pakistan.
Breed Purpose  meat
Breed Sizemedium
70 kg (150 lb)
Ewe(Female)55 kg (121 lb)
Good for Stall Fedopen grazing
Climate ToleranceNative Climates

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