Bazadaise: The French Beef Cattle

The Bazadaise cows (also called Bazadais) are a breed of domestic beef cows in France which are raised mostly for meat production. It originates in the low-lying areas.

But it takes it’s a title in the region of France, in the city of Bazas in the section of the Gironde.

Bazadaise Characteristics

Bazadaise cattle are medium to large animals usually with uni-colored grey, with a few variations due to age and gender.

Their skin is generally black in color and the muzzle and mucous regions are pale.

Both cows and bulls normally have horns, and their horns are incurved and frequently downturned.

The horns are yellow at the bottom and black at the tips.

The average elevation of this Bazadaise cows is around 140 cm and around 145 cm for the bulls.

The bulls on typical weight approximately 1000 kg. And dwell bodyweight of the older cows is about 750 kg.

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Bazadaise Benefits

The Bazadaise cattle are mainly a beef cattle breed. They’re raised for meat production.

Bazadaise cattle are extremely hardy and powerful animals. They were employed as a draught animal.

They have been used for rugged tasks such as hauling cut wood from the forest. But today, the strain is raised mainly for beef production.

Their beef is of very superior quality and can be significantly marbled.

Their meat is famous for the tenderness and taste it. The yield of that animal is high, and it is some 63-65 percentage in bullocks.

The strain has been exported to a lot of nations. And the stock has been increased both utilized and pure-bred for cross-breeding breeds to cattle that were different.

Currently, the strain is Offered from the Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrénées regions of France.

Bazadaise Origin

It is believed that the strain could be the outcome of the inter-breeding of cattle breeds of Aquitaine along with different strains of Spanish source.

The Bazadaise cattle breed was utilized as a draught animal. A festival will be held annually called the Fête des Boeufs Gras for introducing their meat and the fattened Bazadaise inventory.

The meat of those animals is of quality and can be heavily marbled and renowned for its taste and tenderness.

Total numbers of the strain were many earlier, almost about 60,000 thoughts in 1940.

But their numbers dropped rapidly in the years more extensive cultivation of cereal crops in the area along with when mechanization of agriculture.

There were made by 1970, and attempts for recovering and saving the breed began.

Total number of the Bazadaise cattle breed improved gradually and there were about 3,400 cows in more than 140 farms in 2013.

July 1896, A herdbook for your strain was created on 31. Currently the strain is available in many nations and continues to be exported to Chile, Spain, Australia and the uk.

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