Booroola Merino: The mega lambing factory

Booroola Merino is primarily bred as they have a high rate of multiple births. The breed is developed in New South Wales, Australia.  The commonwealth scientific and Industrial research organization worked on Merino of Egelabra flock which resulted in multiple births. Twins and triplets are so common in this breed. Sometimes even 6 lambs were born.

Booroola Merino breed information

They look almost like Merinos. 

The fertility of Booroolas has set a world record of lambs per lambing cycle. Lambing average is around 2.4.

They breed almost all year. The breeding season is extended.

They have dense fleece and white face.

Both sexes are horned.

The Booroola Merino typically has wool covering its entire body and has a white face that is free of dark fibers.

Things to know

The Merino flock that developed into the Booroola Merino was identified to have a prominent allele known as FecB – a gene that has been discovered to produce multiple births.

Just like an Indian breed ‘Nari Suvarna‘ that has a FecB gene, which gives multiple lambs.

Brief characteristics of Border Leicester  sheep

Breed NameBooroola Merino
Other Name
Country/Place of OriginNew South Wales, Australia
Breed Purposelambing
Breed Sizemedium
Kiddingone to six
Good for Stall Fedopen grazing 
Climate Tolerancelocal conditions

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