British Giant rabbit breed

The British Giant rabbit is a large breed of national bunny derived by the Flemish Giant rabbit. It arose in the 1940s as a different breed in the United Kingdom.

British rabbits were recorded by the Giant stock of varying colors from the United States. In Britain, the breed standard of the Flemish Giant is only known in steel grey coloring and can be somewhat smaller than the European Flemish Giants, a strain that originates in Belgium.

Thus the British Giant rabbit was bred for a greater variety in coloring and although smaller than continental Flemish rabbits, then keep broadly the same characteristics.

The Giant rabbit Isn’t acknowledged by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, but it is recognized by the British Rabbit Council. The breed is almost unknown beyond the United Kingdom.

British Giant rabbit breed information

The British Giant rabbit is pretty more compact than it’s ancestor, the Flemish Giants. But it’s the largest breed of all British rabbits.

The strain has a sizable build body. They have curved haunches, broad back, and powerful legs. Their body is powerful and big.

The fur of the British Giant bunny is moderate in length, dense and soft. Along with also their fur comes in various colors such as Black, Blue, Grey, Opal, Sable, and White.

Their mind is broad with full cheeks. Along with the ears of the British, the Rolex rabbit is large and erect.

As a huge breed of rabbit, the British Giants can grow around 7 kg. But their normal body weight is about 5.4 to 5.9 kg.

British Giant rabbit breed benefits

British rabbit is mainly raised for beef production. But if they’re handled early and frequently enough they’re going to turn out to be very affectionate and excellent pets.

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British Giant rabbits have the same character because of the Flemish Giants. They are docile, gentle, and amenable like any other big rabbit breeds. But they’re not so busy in contrast to other breeds.

They will be more than pleased to lie about watching the world go by. They are ideal house rabbits and will live very happily with other animals and kids.

They have good temperament and seldom competitive, which makes them great as pets. They enjoy a love affairs and human interaction.

However, they will be pleased by snoozing or stretching out and watching the actions rather take part in it.

The British Giant bunny requires routine grooming for keeping its fur in good shape and keep it from becoming matted. Their lifespan is approximately 4 to 6 years.

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