Can a Dog run through an Invisible fence?

Invisible dog fences sound like a smart technology in principle, whether they be in-ground or wireless systems. Without having to be confined by a runner at all times, you can let your dog run around. This removes the need to untangle the leash constantly and also keeps the fear of the dog potentially being injured by the leash at bay, especially if there is uneven ground in your yard.

Invisible dog fences, however, are not without their flaws. If they are not well equipped with the wireless or in-ground containment device, there is a reasonable concern for the well-being of your dog. First of all, the obvious problem is that the dog gets surprised when they reach the limits.

Most dogs soon learn to abide by the rules, but some are only stubborn and refuse to live within the confines. As a pet owner, this can quickly make you feel very bad. Of course, the problem is that they will run loose and get into even more trouble once the dog escapes the boundary. They could run into the street, into other animals, or into any number of dangerous circumstances.

And what are you going to do when your dog continues to escape through their invisible fence? Hopefully, with a little bit of troubleshooting, you can solve the problem, but an invisible fence might not be the best match for your dog in some situations. Let’s take a look at some of the popular issues you may have to see if they can be remedied.
In The Collar, check the batteries

With invisible pet containment systems, one common problem that may occur is that the batteries in the collar might be incorrectly seated or simply need to be replaced.

This is certainly the first thing you should check, and in the owner’s manual for the object, there should be instructions on how to verify the proper operation of your particular collar.

You’ll need to see what kind of batteries your collar uses and how to mount them if it turns out that your batteries do need to be replaced, which can also be found in the owner’s manual. Even if you’re not having issues with your dog escaping through the invisible barrier, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your battery levels, as it could eventually become a concern if not controlled.

Test for proper operation at the Base Station
If you have given the collar of your dog a careful inspection and everything appears to be in comprehensive working order, the next thing to remember is that there might be a problem with the base station of the invisible fence system.

Verify that the device is connected to power properly. If it’s a base station that uses one of the RFA-67 batteries, make sure the battery still has plenty of life. Try switching it out if it doesn’t exist. The owner’s manual should also provide the base station a once-over guide as to what the signs are that the device is stable and running properly.

Other Reflections
There are a few other more technological variables that could influence the function of your invisible containment systems. For instance, wireless dog fence systems may have problems when they are used on terrain which is not level.

Essentially, drastic grading in the landscape will create gaps in the borders, and if they find these gaps, your pup will be able to run free. Unfortunately, the only way to try to adapt to this sort of problem is to adjust the boundary range to try to fully eliminate these problem areas.

There can be similar issues with in-ground systems, but they are always a little more difficult to diagnose. What can happen is that, typically by unintended digging or other landscaping, the contacts that provide power to the fence can be disturbed.

The good news is that your base station might well be able to help warn you that a communication problem is indeed present. The bad news is that it will be up to you to isolate the problem’s physical location and to repair it. As with all things electricity, before making any repairs, make sure the device is unplugged and fully disconnected from fuel. You should always get in contact with a specialist who is experienced in this type of job if there is any question at all.

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