Can Lionhead rabbits stay outside?

Lionhead rabbits stay outside require a good enclosure to protect them from changing temperatures and predators. There are a lot of advantages to keeping Lionhead rabbits outdoors than keeping them indoors. We will also list out the best outdoor enclosure options here below.

Rabbits are never an indoor animal, they love to jump around, graze, dig and run around freely. They require a lot of space to move around. But the main concern is how can we protect them from extreme cold/heat and predators.

Lionhead rabbit care outdoor

  • Lionhead rabbits love large enclosure/cage. There should be enough space like 5 times the length of the rabbit should be considered. For example, for 4 rabbits it should be 4*5*lenght of each rabbit.
  • The enclosure should be wind-proof. The cold winds or rains will be troubling the rabbits. So at least 2 sides should be covered, with tarps or blankets.
  • If the cage is customizable, you will not worry about the increasing rabbit numbers. The multiple lionheads can be kept in a large cage or separate small cages that can be interlinked.
  • Make sure your floor is not just ground. The rabbits have a tendency to dig, make a hole and escape. Even make way for predators to enter. So make sure there is some sort of soft bedding over a concrete floor.
  • The outdoor cleaning will be very easy, and also daily cleaning is not mandatory. As the enclosure will be big, and all the rabbits do use one side for their urine and excreta. No necessity of litter training your Lionhead, that can save you a lot of time.
  • Apart from housing and bedding. The easy access to hay, freshwater, and fibrous pellets are more important too. Water bottles can freeze and burst/break due to varying temperatures. Always keep them inside the enclosure, do not directly expose to sunlight/winds.
  • Avoid using metals for most of the enclosure. They may get extremely cold or hot, as rabbits are sensitive should be avoided.
  • Will the heat lamp good for rabbits? Yes definitely in the cold season, it will keep them warm. Though their fur is grown more during winters, still it needs certain warmness during extreme cold.
  • Eating Frozen vegetables or hay is not recommended.
Lionhead rabbits stay outside

Keeping Lionhead rabbits outside

Lionhead rabbit’s outdoor habitat should be designed in such a way that they are protected, safe and enjoyable. The outdoor habitat should include basics like food bowls, a water bottle, a heat lamp and a lot of hay.

A simple rabbit shed/hutch and a rabbit run will keep Rabbits happy. That will eventually increase their life expectancy. Shed acts like an enclosure or a hideout, where rabbits feel safer. Also, the shed acts like insulation for the temperature changes and wind. A rabbit run can be added to your shed, they can stay inside the shed during the night and in the day time, they can run around. A rabbit run is just a wired mesh around the perimeter with a roof on the top.

The roof is very important for the rabbit’s hutch/run, the predators like the hawk can easily take them away. Also, the bottom of the shed/hatch should be sealed, they can be attacked by rats or even Rakoon can sneak in.

Serious concerns about keeping Lionhead rabbits outdoor

  • Risk of predators
  • Exposed to diseases
  • Protection from extreme weathers can be challenging
  • Wild instincts can kick in
  • Someone can steal

Most of the above factors hold true. Lionhead bunny cost from $20 to $150. Depending on the breeder, color and quality of rabbit mane the price changes. So taking care of the rabbits outdoor is risky, when compared to indoors.

Even socializing with your bunnies will be hard, if they outdoor all the time. You can only spend time on weekends if you are busy all week. The wild instincts will come into play if they are left for themselves. They tend to runway from humans if they are not socialized often. The bond will not be strong between you and the lionheads.

Even if the Rabbits are Vaccinated, well can’t be assured that you can prevent other diseases. Lionhead bunnies are easily exposed to diseases. The changing weather and other animal parasites can really affect your rabbit’s health.

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