Jaffarabadi Buffalo

Top 10 Buffalo breeds of India

Buffalo species are originated from India. The top 10 Buffalo breeds of India are selected based on their milk production. Indian Buffaloes are the major contributor to milk in the country. Around 55 % of …

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Nili Ravi Buffalo Characteristics

Nili Ravi buffalo is located in Punjab province between India and Pakistan. Majorly between rivers Sutlej and Ravi. Nili Ravi looks almost like Murrah buffalo but it has walled eyes and white markings on forehead, …

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Murrah: The highest milk yielding Buffalo

Murrah breed of buffalo is from Haryana, India. Murrah is popular for high milk yielding, on average it can yield 12 liters to 15 liters. The Murrah breed is also known as “Delhi”, “Kundi” and “Kali”. …

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Australian Water Buffalo Characteristics

Buffaloes are introduced to the Australian habitat in the year 1880. Australian Water Buffaloes are now feral buffaloes. They have been abandoned, due to the failure of the domestication of buffaloes by early settlements. The …

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Surti Buffalo Characteristics

Surti is named after the city of Surat. Famous for its milk yield of 900 liters to 1300 liters per lactation with 7% fat content. It is chiefly found in Baroda and Kaira district of Gujarat. Surti …

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