How much does a peacock cost?

For its bright, long, luxurious tail, a peacock is remembered. The male peacock, part of the pheasant family, is called a peafowl, while a woman is known as a peahen. The distinction between the two …

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What are peacocks good for on a farm?

The peacock is the prima donna of domestic birds with its sparkling fan of coloured feathers. Strutting around the yard, it demands attention, sparkling in the sun with its iridescent feathers. “It’s like having a …

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Is Peacock farming profitable?

Do you want to start a farm with peacocks? If YES, here is a comprehensive guide with no money and no experience on how to start a successful peacock farming business. If you are interested …

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Do people eat peacocks?

In China, this is a rare peacock breeding farm where the birds are raised for food. Two types of peacocks are available: green peacocks and Indian peacocks. Green peacocks, although farmed Indian peacocks are considered …

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Jamun fruit

Jamun cultivation – A future crop of India

Jamun (Syzygium cuminii) is a evergreen tree also know as Java plum or Indian blackberry. It is originated from Southeast Asian countries like India, Myanmar and Eat Indies. It belongs to the family Myrtaceae(the typical …

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Types of farming systems

The different types of farming systems are practiced as a matter of necessity. Major factors that influence to follow different farming systems are the availability of labor, capital, water, land, climate, and landscape. Below are …

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