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Glamorous Peacock Farming

Peacock farming is mainly for feathers and their beauty. The eggs and meat are all secondary. It’s plenty of challenges, though it looks like a business enterprise. Peacock can be a poultry bird, such as …

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vegetarian snake

Is There a Vegetarian Snake?

Snakes really can’t prosper on a vegan diet. They are what’s called an “obligate carnivore”, as well as need animal matter to survive. If you prepare on raising a vegan snake, don’t do it, as …

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Difference Between a Donkey, Ass and Mule

Ever wondered what is the difference between a Donkey, an Ass and a Mule? There are a few noticeable differences between Donkey and Mule. But never get confused between Donkey and Ass. The word Ass …

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