aggresive geese

How dangerous are geese?

Spring is the breeding season for geese. If they believe their eggs or goslings are threatened, the birds often become aggressive. Even if you don’t see a nest, there might be one nearby. A goose …

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goose duck

Is a goose a duck?

Geese are beautiful migratory birds which are still little known to many people. As ducks do, they live on and near bodies of water, they resemble ducks, and they waddle like ducks. Does this all …

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Why is Duck expensive?

Adieu, chicken. Well, hello, duck. This domesticated waterfowl steps in as a classy alternative to the regular fare just when everyone is tired of chicken and cutting back on beef. The pros insist that duck …

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Can I kill a Turkey on my Property?

The wild turkeys of California now inhabit about 18 percent of our state, and are a widely enjoyed upland game bird. Many Californians love watching them as well. They can’t resist feeding those homeowners. When …

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chick care after hatching

Chick Care After Hatching

So the magical day of hatching has arrived! In wonder, you saw these fluffy little beings hatch from the mere tiny eggs you placed in the incubator, or from your duck, a matter of days …

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baby chickens drink

What do baby Chickens Drink

Newly hatched chicks are not completely helpless, but they must have access to clean water and be kept well fed like any other infants. Gail Damerow offers some expert tips to make sure your new …

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How much does a baby chick eat a day?

Did you just bring your first-ever party of cute baby chicks home? Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your little fluff ball mature into an elegant rooster or hen that is profitable. Raising baby chicks, …

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chicken treats

11 Healthy Treats Your Chickens Will Love

Along with full chicken feed, nutritious chicken treats can be fed in moderation. Make sure that the 90/10 rule is observed by providing 90 per cent full feed to a limit of 10 per cent every day.  From time to time, we all want to spoil our chickens, but it might not be best for their wellbeing to give them loads of daily treats. It is important that they …

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