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Are Rouen ducks good pets?

Rouen duck is a very old breed of a domestic duck coming in France sometime prior to the 19th century. It’s a weight duck breed rather than prolific egg coating. The breed has similarities with …

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Pomeranian duck facts

The Pomeranian duck is a breed of domestic duck originating in Germany. As its name suggests, the breed was designed from Pomerania. Like any other European duck strains, such as Swedish Blue and the Shetland …

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Are blue Swedish ducks friendly?

Swedish Blue duck which is also known as Blue Swedish duck is a breed of domestic duck produced by most farmers at Pomerania. The Swedish Blue duck was created mainly as a utility bird. The …

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What are khaki Campbell ducks good for?

Khaki Campbell duck is just one of the very best, famous, and much popular egg-laying strains of domestic duck. The Khaki Campbell duck is a lightweight bird. Khaki Campbell ducks have a sprightly body flow …

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What are Indian Runner ducks used for?

The Indian Runner duck is extraordinary and an odd-looking breed of duck. The Indian Runner is a lightweight breed of ducks. They have a body and a long neck. Their neck has prompted the description …

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The Extremely rare Abacot Ranger duck

The Abacot Ranger duck is a utility breed that was created for eggs and meat production. It is categorized as a mild weight snowball strain and also called Streicherente and Hooded Ranger. They are friendly …

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Alabio duck

Alabio duck is a dual-purpose breed appearing in Indonesia. It is also known as Itik Alabio. It is a popular duck breed in Indonesia and densely populated in South Kalimantan. The Alabio duck is considered …

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What age do Pekin ducks lay eggs?

Pekin duck is an old dual-purpose duck breed. It was originated in China and is presently among the most popular commercial duck breeds. It was bred from the mallard in China. Pekin ducks are popular …

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Are Ancona ducks friendly?

The Ancona duck is a rare dual-purpose breed. It’s classified as a moderate weight duck breed that was developed in England. Ancona ducks are considered to be originated in the Indian Runner Duck along with …

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