aggresive geese

How dangerous are geese?

Spring is the breeding season for geese. If they believe their eggs or goslings are threatened, the birds often become aggressive. Even if you don’t see a nest, there might be one nearby. A goose …

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goose duck

Is a goose a duck?

Geese are beautiful migratory birds which are still little known to many people. As ducks do, they live on and near bodies of water, they resemble ducks, and they waddle like ducks. Does this all …

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Are Embden geese friendly?

Embden geese is among the oldest domestic goose breeds, with records dating back about 200 years. The origin of the breed isn’t clear. Some consider that the breed was made by crossing German whitened with …

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Are Chinese geese good pets?

The Chinese geese are regarded as the most beautiful and graceful performer of the goose family. They have necks that are graceful and long. And owing to their necks, Chinese geese are referred to as …

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toulouse goose, toulouse goose eggs, toulouse goose sound, toulouse goose meat, toulouse goose info, toulouse goose facts, toulouse goose origin, toulouse goose picture, toulouse goose weight

Do Toulouse geese make good pets?

Toulouse geese breed is heavy in dimension and chiefly used for meat production and also for the exhibition. The Toulouse goose is a very old national strain. It was designed in Haute Garonne, in which …

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Can African geese fly?

African geese are one of the significant weight breeds that were developed mainly as a meat bird. African goose is not really from Africa. The strain derives from the wild swan goose, just like their …

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