Swan Farming: Complete Business Guide For Beginners

Swan farming is not a new business idea. People are raising swans as pet or for beauty purpose from a long time ago. It’s a very beautiful bird, and a pair of swans or more can enhance the beauty of your property. Here in this guide, we are not going to describe about meat or […]

Is a Hen a Boy?

A chicken is a type of bird. A hen is an adult female chicken. A rooster (US) or cockerel (UK) is an adult male chicken. In the US, ‘cockerel’ is also used, but generally means …

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Is a Hen a Chicken?

The words “chicken” and “hen” are regularly utilized self-assertively. In any case, what’s the real distinction between the two? We investigate that here! Same standard likewise with people As a rule, it tends to be …

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