Can I kill a Turkey on my Property?

The wild turkeys of California now inhabit about 18 percent of our state, and are a widely enjoyed upland game bird. Many Californians love watching them as well. They can’t resist feeding those homeowners. When …

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Meat Turkeys

Top 5 Meat Turkeys

Meat Turkeys are purely raised for commercial meat production purpose. Turkeys can be seen in two types one is Heritage Turkey types and other is Commercial turkeys( not heritage breed). There is a big difference …

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Black Turkey Characteristics

The Black turkey is from Europe, which was kept for meat production. It is also called in other names like Black Spanish and Norfolk Blacks. They are famous for their calm disposition, rapid growth, and …

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Bronze Turkey Characteristics

The delicious flavor in the meat and the beautiful copper bronze plumage make Bronze Turkey stand out from the rest of the Turkey breeds. The Bronze turkey is called for its uncommon color, a shimmering green-bronze that seems metallic in the daylight. …

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Slate Turkey Characteristics

The Slate or Blue Slate Turkey is named for its color, which has ashy blue plumage. Some early texts indicate that the Slate turkeys are originated from a cross of the Black turkey on a …

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Top Turkey Breeds for Farms

Are you considering raising turkeys? If so, check out the turkey breeds that would best fit your wants and needs. Once you’ve set you would like to boost turkeys, selecting the proper breed starts with deciding between broad-breasted and heritage turkeys. If you would like to boost a number of massive turkeys to roast for …

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