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Enderby Island rabbit breed

Enderby Island rabbit is a European breed of rabbit. It’s an uncommon breed originated from the rabbits. Even Enderby Island, a subantarctic island in New Zealand’s Auckland Island group. The Enderby Island rabbit breed is …

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British Giant rabbit breed

The British Giant rabbit is a large breed of national bunny derived by the Flemish Giant rabbit. It arose in the 1940s as a different breed in the United Kingdom. British rabbits were recorded by …

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lilac rabbit breed

The Lilac is equally a strain of rabbit and a shade of animal. Lilac rabbit is a known breed of rabbit, however, the color ‘lilac’ can be found in many other rabbit breeds too. The …

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Beveren rabbit breed

The Beveren rabbit is among the fur rabbit’s biggest and oldest breed. They have been mostly developed for their fur. Beveren rabbit breed facts The Beveren bunny body is medium in length with a deep …

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Alaska rabbit breed

The Alaska rabbit is a rabbit breed that is gorgeous. Despite the name, the Alaska rabbit is not from the cold region of North America. Rather, they originated from Germany. Alaska rabbit breed facts Alaska …

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Are Jersey Wooly rabbits good pets?

The Jersey Wooly rabbit is a strain of national rabbit known because of its character and gentle disposition. As their title suggests, the Jersey Wooly rabbit came from New Jersey. Jersey Wooly rabbit facts The …

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Where did Fuzzy Lop come from?

The American Fuzzy Lop rabbit is a fancy breed of rabbit originating in the USA of America. American Fuzzy Lop rabbit is like the Holland Lop rabbit, but using long fur that is woolly. The …

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Do Belgian hares make good pets?

The Belgian Hare is really a breed of rabbit that is domestic. The Belgian Hares were filmed in the 18th century in Belgium. The strain was created to closely resemble the wild hare in appearance. …

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Netherland dwarf rabbit facts

Netherland Dwarf rabbit is just one of the most common domestic rabbit breed. It is a rabbit strain and raised as pets. The Netherland Dwarf rabbit originated from the Netherlands as the Name Implies. The …

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Do Silver Fox Rabbits make good pets?

The Silver Fox rabbit is an uncommon breed that was developed in the USA during the 1920s. It is quite a multipurpose rabbit strain, raised for fur, meat, and show. The Silver Fox rabbit was …

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