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Shetland sheep

Shetland sheep are primarily raised for meat, wool, and conservation grazing purposes. The breed is originated in the Shetlands Isles, Scotland. Shetland breed belongs to the Northern Europen Short-tailed group. Shetland ewes are hardy, easy …

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Serrai sheep

The Serrai sheep mainly raised for milk and meat production. The breed is native to Serres, Greece. Serrai sheep breed information The Serrai sheep are medium-sized breed, with a Roman nose and thin tail. The …

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Ryeland sheep facts

The Ryeland sheep are mainly raised for meat. The breed originated from England. One of the oldest English sheep which were grazed on the rye pastures. The monks of Leominster in Herefordshire bred the Downs …

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Ruda sheep

The Ruda sheep are raised mainly for wool. The breed is native to Albania and Croatia. The Ruda sheep breed is considered as one of the endangered breeds of sheep in the Republic of Croatia. …

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