Champagne d’Argent rabbit breed information

The Champagne d’Argent rabbit is one of the recognized rabbit breeds. It is a fairly small rabbit breed with superior nature. The specific source of this Champagne d’Argent rabbit is unknown.

But documentation suggests that the breed was found in France by the mid-1600s. Champagne d’Argent signifies’Silver [bunny ] of Champagne’.

Along with the term, Champagne doesn’t refer to this silvery color, rather to the area in France where the breed was actually developed. After development, the breed was recognized since the French Silver bunny for its colored coat.

Champagne d’Argent rabbit breed information

The Champagne d’Argent rabbit is a small breed that’s medium in length. They’re under color and are portrayed as dark slate blue with a bluish-white color body. They have strong hips and loin and their spine is a little more curved.

They have elongated jet black hairs interspersed in their coat to create a silvery tone if observed from a distance. The breed has a well-developed rib-section, shoulders, and are packed with good firm flesh.

Ears, feet, tail, and nose of the Champagne d’Argent bunny are the same in color as that of the color of the coat. The strain is more famous for the color of their fur than the sort of their body. They have a glossy and thick fur, lying loosely on their physique.

Champagne d’Argents are great for meat. The waist of the body is wide, solid and meaty, holding up to as possible down each side all through its whole body length.

Their loin is wide and heavy, bearing as much flesh as you can and it’s balanced tightly with their own shoulders. The hips of this Champagne d’Argent bunny are broad, soft, well rounded, and filled up with deep and strong flesh.

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The lower sides of the hips are also developed. The bone structure is equally fine which allows them to generate more meat. The average body weight of a Champagne d’Argent rabbit is about 4.3 to 5.5 kg. Although body weight can change based upon the variety.

Champagne d’Argent rabbit benefits

The Champagne d’Argent bunny is principally maintained as pets and as a show animal. The breed also has quite substantial meat to bone ratio. So, it’s also very acceptable for commercial rabbit farming companies for creating meat. They’re also quite good for creating a good excellent pelt.

Normally the Champagne d’Argent anglers are of really good character. So they’re quite good as pets. They are extremely clean animals and usually groom themselves and also each other.

Like most other bunny breeds, the Champagne d’Argent bunny also loves to dwell in groups. They are feeling comfortable and grow peacefully if they’re stored in pairs. They have good character and also are comparatively calm in temperament.

The lifespan of this Champagne d’Argent bunny is about 5 to 6 years. They need very good food and appropriate care for fast growth.


As a very old breed that the Champagne d’Argent bunny was once valued for its pelt and it turned out to be a common rabbit strain at that moment.

The Champagne d’Argents are highly valued for their meat. And so are very popular for their fat and solid meat. Now there are at least seven breeds of the Champagne d’Argent rabbit available throughout the world.

The British Rabbit Council acknowledges five color varieties, which are Blue, Brun, Creme, Noir and Champagne. Nevertheless, the American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes only two color varieties of the Champagne d’Argent bunny, which are Creme and Champagne. Now the breed is increased chiefly as pets and display animals.

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