Clun Forest : A multipurpose sheep

Clun Forest sheep is a multipurpose sheep, good for wool, meat, milk, and leather. They are found in the south of England or the hills of Wales and Scotland.

Clun Forest breed information

Wool-free dark-brown face. Even the legs are free from wool and no speckles.

Easy Lambing, plenty of milk and ewes are excellent mothers.

They are disease resistant and have a low mortality rate.

They are so economical that they can finish their lambs just with grass, very low input is required.

The meat is the lean, dark and awesome flavor.

The Clun sheep have a carcass weight of 16 to 20kg from 12 to 17 weeks.

It has a high rearing and weaning rate.

The mature ram weighs around 80 kg (176 lb) and ewe around 65 kg (140 lb).

The fleece weight is around 2 to 3 kg, with a staple length of 6 to 10 cm and Bradford count of 56 to 58.

The average lambing rate is 1.75.  They can rear until the lamb is 7 to 8 months.

Clun sheep produce milk with high butterfat.

Things to know

Even at 12 years of age, the ewes can still breed.

Cluns which are crossed with any terminal sire ram, they produce early maturing lambs and with excellent weight for age.

When crosses with Texels, Charollais and Suffolks gives ideal meat, with good confirmation and quick growth rates.

Clun mutton is always in demand.

Cluns are easy to manage and handle.

Cluns are alert and active, responsive to their surroundings and shepherd–which helps to make them a manageable breed.

According to afs.okstate :

“In 1974, six breeders met in Harrisburg, PA, to organize the North American Clun Forest Association. Some of the first actions of the Association were intended to maintain and strengthen the traditional virtues of the breed: e.g., to keep breeders focused on the productive characteristics of the breed rather than a particular kind of appearance, no Cluns are permitted to be shown competitively. They’ve proved remarkably adaptable–to Minnesota’s cold climate weather, the desert heat of Utah, or the constant humidity of Hawaii.”

Brief characteristics of Clun Forest

Breed NameClun Forest
Other Name 
Country/Place of OriginEngland
Breed Purpose meat, wool, and milk
Breed Sizemedium
80 kg (176 lb)
Ewe(Female)65 kg (140 lb)
Good for Stall Fedopen grazing 
Climate Tolerancelocal conditions

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