Constraints of Goat production

The following could be considered as Constraints of Goat production

  1. Non-availability of high-yielding breeding stock.
  2. Low level of nutrition and managerial efficiency.
  3. Lack of definition of the production objectives.
  4. Limited attention to the application of modern techniques for improving the reproductive efficiency, e.g. artificial insemination, synchronization of oestrus, and deep freezing of semen.
  5. Limited use of outstanding improver breeds, both native and exotic, for defined production objectives such as the use of Alpine and Saanen for increasing milk production.
  6. Inadequate control of diseases and parasites due to the non-availability of prophylactic vaccines against important contagious diseases such as goat-pox and contagious caprine pleuro-pneumonia.
  7. Lack of knowledge on clinical aspects of goat diseases leading to heavy losses in products such as mastitis, brucellosis, pneumonia, enteritis, and lumbar paralysis.
  8. Lack of knowledge on the successful rearing of kids.Kidmortalityis generally high where weaning is practiced at a very young age.
  9. Lack of knowledge on silvi-pastoral system, especially with goats—fodder trees, shrubs, etc.
  10. Housing for goats in different eco-zones requires a very elaborate and systematic study.
  11. Organized marketing is very limited. This has resulted in unscrupulous exploitation by a middle man who is often seen moving with goats along the migratory routes.
  12. The non-availability of consultancy on goats due to lack of expert knowledge of various facets of the goat industry, particularly with reference to economics and feasibility studies.

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