Corriente cattle temperament

The Corriente cows are a multipurpose breed that descended from Spanish cows brought to the Americas from the 15th century.

They are primarily used for rodeo events such as team as sport cows, although some breeders raise them for meat today.

Corriente cattle breed information

Cattle are smallish animals and the two bulls and cows usually have horns. Their horns are very long and straightened up. They’re lean and athletic in appearance.

They require less water and will survive on the sparse open range like the Texas Longhorn cows (that lots of people think to be descended for your Corrientes). They are available in a variety of coloration, but white and the majority of the creatures are mostly black.

They so are fine and narrow in conformation and have nicely balanced throat mind, forequarters and hindquarters. They often have a dense coating and a heavy tail change which frequently extends below the hocks.

The cows on weight under 450 kg. And live body weight of the older bulls is up to 500 kg.

Corriente cattle benefits

Cattle are creatures that are multipurpose. They were formerly used for meat milk and a draft animal. But today they’re primarily used as game cows for rodeo events such as team roping and bulldogging.

The Corriente cattle are animals that are very hardy and strong. They’re known as ‘easy keepers’, since little human intervention is expected within their calving and they require less feed than a major beef cattle breeds.

They are also known as accomplished escape artists, as they can jump a standard barbed-wire weapon and squeeze via fairly smallish openings. So special factors should be taken for keeping them restricted.

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The breed is also great for meat and milk production. And currently, some breeders keep the Corriente cattle to their meat. Their beef is significantly leaner than the meat from the majority of other modern beef cattle breeds.


Names for the breed can vary from place to place. The official breed registry in the USA calls the breed just since cattle, also it’s the most common name in Northern Mexico. It is called Criollo or Chinampo cows.

The breed is closely associated with the Florida Cracker and Pineywoods cattle, which are just two cattle strains from the Gulf Coast and Florida.

In addition, it accommodated through natural selection to the many areas in which it lived. Eventually, it’s descendants.

Other and European cattle were introduced into the Americas. And lots of ranchers in the Americas upgraded their herds with beef cows. Practically pure descendants of the Spanish cows almost vanished, but a few were able to live with little human care or intervention in remote areas of Central and South America, also in very limited amounts in some regions of the southern United States.

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