Crested duck breed facts

The Crested duck is really a dual-purpose strain of domestic duck. They are primarily raised for eggs and meat, also as an ornamental pet bird.

Crested duck breed information

Crested duck is a striking, moderate-sized, and dual-purpose duck strain. It has capabilities that are notable.

The bodies of these Crested ducks are carried at an angle where the length neck stands. Their mind is covered by a crest. The head crest appears to be an Afro.

The White Crested ducks have legs and long beak. Along with their beak and legs are of pale orange color. And the Black variety has legs and dark grey colored beaks.


The American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection recognizes white and Black forms of the Crested duck. However, other color varieties such as Buff, Blue, and Grey (Mallard coloration) are developed by breeders.

On typical Crested ducks weight about 2.7 kg, and drakes about 3.2 kg. Along with also the bantam version weights between 0.9 to 1.2 kg.

Are crested ducks good pets?

Crested duck is a dual-purpose breed. They are suitable for both eggs and meat manufacturing. But they are primarily used for ornamental and exhibit functions. They are also great as pets.

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The Crested ducks are rather silent birds. And they’re usually friendly and tranquil in nature.

They are sometimes increased as pets because of their docile behavior.

The ducklings grow relatively quickly, so they are great meat duck breeds. And the ducks are still layers of eggs that are high. But they’re not foragers like the Bali ducks.

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Origin of the Crested duck is unknown, however they’ve been around since before the 1600s.

They were depicted in painting. The breed probably originates in the East Indies. And it was brought to Europe kind East Indies by ships.

The Crested duck is striking with all the powder puff of feathers on the head of it. The strain has look because it is heterozygous for a hereditary mutation resulting in a deformity of the skull.

Crested ducks arrived in the USA across the mid-1800s. The breed was declared to the British Standard in 1910. Any color is allowed in many European nations and in the United Kingdom.

White Crested duck was declared to the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in 1874, and also the Black variety was added in 1977.

A bantam edition is of the breed which was consumed by John Hall and Roy Sutcliffe in the United Kingdom in the late 20th Century.


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