Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is part of a sustainable agriculture practice, where the primary source for keeping cattle is for milk production. Either it been consumed by farm families or sold to customers.

Not only milk is the primary source of income, but dairy products can also be produced on a small scale to improve revenues. Small dairy farms do process their milk on their farm, but bigger ones will transport to the dairy plant.

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Maintain a Dairy Farm

Choosing the right breed for your farm is the major task. There is no ‘ideal breed’ as such. It is best to buy those from the home tracts or local farmers. A lot of things are involved in maintaining a Dairy farm

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Naturally, you can increase milk production in Cattle. It doesn’t require much effort nor any external help. READ MORE: Natural way of increasing milk in Cattle

How to determine when a Cow is in Heat?

Dairy farm’s economy will impact, if there is failure in determination of cow in heat. Few of the steps given below will not only improve your business, it also safegaurds the cattle health.
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Artificial Insemination in cattle

AI is the most economical method to produce offspring. The best traits from a the bull can be selected and traferred to the calves. There is lot of pros and cons associated with AI.
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Care and Management of Pregnant Cattle

The first step in the dairy farming is taking care of Pregnant cattle. Most of the diseases can be avoided, if proper care is taken. Most of the details on diet, management is shared.
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Famous Breeds of Cattle

Third group – Heavy built, curly horns and pendulous dewlaps

The most famous Zebu cattle are grouped into 6 categories.
1. The first group – lyre-horned grey cattle.
2. The second group – White, or light grey with coffin-shaped skulls.
3. The third group – Heavy built, curly horns, and pendulous dewlaps.
4. The fourth group – Mysore breed with Prominent forehead and longhorns.
5. Fifth group – Heterogenous mixture
6. Sixth group – The ones that couldn’t fit the above groups.
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Pandharpuri Buffalo

Buffaloes play an integral part in farmer communities in India. Around 55 % of milk production is the country is from milch buffaloes. Most of them are river buffaloes and their great in milk production. Some of the Best buffaloes yield around 15 liters of milk a day. One of them is Murrah buffalo, the highest milk yielding buffalo.
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