Dangi cattle breed information

The Dangi cattle are a breed. It originated in Dangs’ tracts containing the Ahmednagar and Nasik districts in Maharashtra state. The strain has taken its name from its place. The Dangs is a tract with heavy rain and a market that is quite poor.

The Dangi cattle breed is like the Deoni cows in appearance, and it seems to fit into the set of cattle represented from the Gir, Sahiwal and Red Sindhi.

The breed is extremely hardy and has become well-known because it is hardy nature and it’s the capability to work hard under heavy rain conditions.

And these animals are used for plowing grisly and other processes. For carting wood and they’re also used. The breed isn’t in the chance of extinction.

Dangi cattle breed information

Dangi cattle are medium sized animals with bodies that are deep and normally of ponderous construct.

They are generally of white or black and red and white colour. Both bulls and cows normally have horns.

Along with their horns are thick and short with lateral pointing hints. Some animals are also available with inward-pointing horns or downhill pointing horn hints. They have relatively little head with a somewhat protruding forehead.

An oil component that lets them withstand heavy rains is secreted by skin of cows strain. They have big muzzle and their ears are relatively small.

They have strong fore and hind quarters using a short back well-coupled, along with their legs are short and stout.

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The hooves are dark and black flint-like and therefore are incredibly sturdy. They’ve midsize company hump along with the sheath is loose but not too pendulous.

Dangi cattle breed benefits

The Dangi really is a draught cattle breed. They’re suitable and used for agricultural operations.

Dangi cattle are animals that are very hardy and strong. They’re mostly a medium-slow draft animals.

They are well-known for their excellent working qualities in rain and also in rice areas and on the scenic tracks. They don’t need quality foods considerably, and will survive on grazing.

The cows are relatively poor milkers and can create approximately 430 kg of milk per lactation. Their milk is of really good quality comprising approximately 4.3 percent of content.

Presently the strain is raised as a draught animal in the native region of it and also increased for small scale milk production.

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