Deadly Stink Bug Traps

The Stink bug traps are a common type of insect trap, that is most effective in and around the house. The common pest among stink bugs is the brown marmorated stink bugs. The active season for stink bugs is March through September. The majority of their activity is dependant on the temperature. If the temperature rises they become active and if it falls down they seek shelter on the home.

Stink bugs enter into diapause period during cold winters and seek shelter at the home. But when the temperature rises they come out from diapause and become active again. The Stink bugs spend most of the winter in the attic, crawl space of the home or inside the walls.

Most of the stink bugs eat on plants and fruits mostly in your garden. But during winters they sneak inside the cracks of walls or through windows. If proper weeding is not carried, you can’t repel stink bugs. It will be more disgusting to see if they enter your living space. There are many DIY Stink bug traps and a few commercial ones. Let us find out which one suits you best.

Types of Stink bug traps

Stink bug traps for indoors

The Stink bug traps for indoors should be chemical-free and not affect our health. Also, it should be a pet and children friendly. Check more information on the guidelines at

One of the all-time favorites for any flying pests is the use of Electric traps. Using the electric bug zapper inside the home can attract the flying Stink bugs and kill them instantly. The light bulb inside the Electric traps attracts the bugs and once they come in contact with the circuit, they are trapped and killed. The best part of Electric traps is they last for a really long period of time and can be used every day.

DIY Stink bug traps homemade

Homemade Stink bug traps are less expensive, safe to use indoors, quick and most of the supplies are readily available. Stink bugs release the pheromone, to attract other members of the same species. So traps should be made to kill them all. The utilization of pesticides indoors is not a recommended idea. So here are the proven techniques that work as best DIY stink bug traps.

Homemade stink bug trap pop bottle

The pop bottle or soda bottle with a battery-powered light is a perfect trap for stink bugs. Below youtube video demonstrates how to make it step by step. The below design is most effective and proved at the end of the video. The light trap works effectively in the dark place like the attic, outside the house and inside the room too.

Adding soapy water inside the water bottle will kill any Stink bug that is drowned. As the weather cools down, the number of stink bugs increases at home, these traps can be kept at different places. It’s easy to built and looks cool too.

Homemade Stink bug trap

The solution is an age-old technique like any of our forefathers were using to trap bugs. The homemade Stink bug trap requires an aluminum pan(used to roast turkey during thanksgiving) with water, dish soap, and a desk lamp.

The desk lamp that attracts the stink bugs and silver roasting pan with soapy water attracts by reflecting the light. The soapy water kills the bugs once they are fallen into the aluminum pan.

The Virginia tech has conducted a study on this model in 16 houses for two years. Due to the no-availability of in-home insecticide for brown marmorated stink bugs, the challenge to find the solution was inevitable. This model proved effective and proved that the trap eliminated 14 times more stink bugs than store-bought traps at a cost up to $50.

Homemade Stink bug trap vinegar

A most inexpensive method to trap Stink bugs is the solution of hot water, dish soap, and white vinegar. Take a Spray bottle with 2 cups of hot water, add 1 cup of vinegar and half cup of dish soap, mix well. Once the solution is ready, this can be sprayed directly on the stink bugs. The solution with Vinegar kills them in a short time.

Stink bug traps for Garden

Understand outdoor traps for bugs is crucial for your success. The outdoor traps that lure Stink bugs do more harm to the plants than its use. The outdoor traps like Electric bug zapper and traps that release the pheromone cause more damage than killing them. The concept of “Trap spillover” occurs when these kinds of traps are set in your garden.

When the pests arrive in the general vicinity of a trap and rest on vegetation before entering and being captured by the trap is known as Trap spillover. This leads to more damage to the crops. So I can recommend the one that works effectively, not every trap is a real trap.

Encouraging useful bugs in the garden

There are certain bugs that are useful to your garden and enemies to stinkbugs. Some of them are ladybugs, lacewings, parasitic flies, spiders, praying mantis and minute pirate bugs.

Growing trap plants

Trap plants should not outnumber your present garden plants. The trap plants are the ones to lure stink bugs, that are already present in your garden. If the trap plant number is increased then they will lure stink bugs from other nearby gardens too. Stinkbugs eat Sweet corn, mustard, sunflower, and okra. Once you see the stink bugs on these, pull the plant along with stink bugs and put the plant in the garbage bag. Either burn it or leave it in the sun for a few days, that will kill stink bugs.

Sticky traps

The sticky traps are non-toxic, easily disposable and ready to use.

Natural sticky paste

The natural sticky paste requires cardboard, water, corn syrup, and sugar. Boil corn syrup, sugar, and water, till the water evaporates, leaving the solution as a paste. Apply the paste to the cardboard and place it outside the house. The stink bugs get attracted to the sweet paste and get stuck.

Top 3 Best Stink Bug Traps

1. LiBa Bug Zapper Electric Indoor – Buy on Amazon.Ideal for persistent pest problems and larger infestations.

2. Homemade Stink bug trap – Cheap and best trap. Most effective and proven. It requires a desk lamp, an aluminum roasting pan, and soapy water.

3. Homemade stink bug trap pop bottle – Also a cheap alternative to the above approach. It requires a 2-liter soda bottle, battery-powered light, and soapy water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do bug zappers work on Stink bugs?

The electric bug zapper works well in dark places like attic. The bug zapper works well on Stink bugs, but it will work effectively only in dark. Make sure to use only inside the house. If you use an electric bug zapper outside the house, it will attract even the neighboring stinkbugs. Before falling into the trap they will enter your garden. This is known as “Trap spillover”.

Always clean your zapper every few days to maintain the efficacy of the bug zapper unit.

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