Devon cattle breed information

The Devon cattle are the ancient breed of cattle from the western English county of Devon.

The native home of the breed is in southwest England, mostly in the counties of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, and Somerset.

In this area, herds of red cattle grazed the grass-covered hills of this moist area for centuries.

Devon cattle breed information

The Devon cows are medium to large animals. They are mainly reddish in color and varying in the shade in the rich deep red to a pale red or chestnut color.

A ruby red is a color that is most preferred. They have moderate thick hair and the hair is curled and often long through the winter, but short and sleek in summer. The shade of the tail’s change is creamy white.

They have pair legs that are square and creamy white pliers. And the cows normally have well-formed udders.

The typical live body weight of the older cows differs from 430 to 590 kg. Along with the bulls on burden between 770 kg to 1000 kg.

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Devon cattle breed benefits

Devon cows were a dual-purpose breed previously which were increased for both milk and beef production. But currently they are a beef cattle breed and raised mostly for meat production.

The Devon cattle are creatures that are robust and hardy. They are noted for their fertility, quality beef calving, and excellent disease and parasite resistance.

They possess good character are extremely docile in character and are very easily handled. They’re well-adapted to native climates and can succeed in a mild but damp climate. They do quite well in extreme heat and can also accommodate.

They can nourish themselves and are excellent foragers and will forage through terrains. The breed is well known for its high excellent meat.

It’s distantly related to some several other European and British cattle breeds found in North America, therefore it supplies hybrid vigor that is excellent when utilized in crossbreeding.

Currently, the strain is available and increased around the world in several countries. And they’re raised for meat production.


The Devon breed is called as North Devon to avoid confusion. It’s one of the several modern breeds derived from the traditional red cows of southern England, with the Sussex, Red Poll, Hereford, and Lincoln Red.

The Devon was classified as a breed. Plus they were valued for the production of both high excellent beef and the milk.

But as a strain, it has evolved through choice over the past half-century and currently increased mostly as a beef cattle breed.

The beef-type is enrolled and encouraged by the Devon Cattle Association, Inc. And the milking Devon strain is unique to America and continues to be preserved and will be represented with the American Milking Devon Cattle Association.

However, the late 1800s had replaced with the Shorthorn cattle the Devon. And they were seen out of New England from 1900. The market for its multipurpose cattle had disappeared by the 1950s and the Devon breed neared extinction.

But as a beef breed mostly for meat production, when the Devon breed evolved, their prevalence increased. Currently, the strain is available in a number of countries throughout the world.

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