Do Belgian hares make good pets?

The Belgian Hare is really a breed of rabbit that is domestic. The Belgian Hares were filmed in the 18th century in Belgium.

The strain was created to closely resemble the wild hare in appearance. It’s a long-limbed rabbit breed mostly developed as a meat breed and make good pets.

Belgian hares facts

The Hare rabbit strain is most famous and easily characterized by it’s long, slim body and legs which resemble the ones of a hare.

They’ve got a long legs body with a flank. They have distinctly arched back with loins and well hindquarters. Generally, the rabbit breed’s forefoot is long and fine-boned and right. Along with also the hind toes are very long, flat and fine.

Their head is long as compared to some other domestic rabbit breed. And their tail carried in accordance and is right.

The Belgian Hares are believed to be the only breed of national rabbit to exhibit a rich chestnut or red coat using the stunning black ticking that is present in the coats of rabbits.

The breed is seen in a couple of colors and markings including Black, Black, and Tan, Chestnut Red, etc.. Nevertheless, the main colorways are Black, Black, and Tan, Red, Tan, Chestnut, using ticking.

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And the typical bodyweight of a Belgian Hare is between 2.7 to 4 kg.

Do Belgian hares make good pets?

The Belgian Hare was mostly developed as a meat breed. But the breed is suitable for raising as pets.

Belgian Hares are one of the most energetic and intelligent breeds of rabbits. They are very clever in order to keep them all happy and they’ll need plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

They are very attentive and as such could be skittish. The Hares will occasionally come when called and can learn their titles. Since they are busy in nature and possess nature, they can be startled by sudden sound or movement.

The Belgian Hare was called the ‘poor man’s racehorse’ because of their personality that was busy. The strain is not great for very smallish children and for the beginners. Usually, the Belgian Hare is an energetic and long animal.

Their lifespan is between 7 to 10 years. However, they could live up to 10 years or longer. The strain can not do with humidity or heat.

The Belgian Hare will not be reasonable litters and moms will moderate 2 to 4 kits. Youngsters are slow to mature.


The Hare rabbits can easily be recognized and the breed was created with the intention of developing a sensible meat bunny, through selective breeding involving domestic and wild European rabbits.

The Hares were imported to England and known as the ‘Belgian Hare’. Subsequently, the breeders produced that the Hare seem more lively, like the rabbits that were wild.

The strain was first exhibited in the USA from the 1877. And at the United States, the Belgian Hare instantly climbed in popularity (giving rise to tens of thousands of Belgian Hare clubs around the nation, tens of thousands were bred and some sold for as much as US $1k).

The ‘American Hare Association’ is the very first of these clubs. the American Rabbit Breeders Association and the British Rabbit Council recognizes the strain.

Today purebred Hare is pretty rare and is considered threatened with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

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