Do people eat peacocks?

In China, this is a rare peacock breeding farm where the birds are raised for food.

Two types of peacocks are available: green peacocks and Indian peacocks. Green peacocks, although farmed Indian peacocks are considered edible, are endangered wildlife animals in China.

The owner of the peacock farm said the birds are sold for approximately $52-$77 per pound.

It can cost about $220-$250 for a one-year-old peacock.

While patients and pregnant women are among the customers, due to the nutritional value of the birds, peacocks are often served in restaurants.

The needs of the market have been extended by special breeding. Meanwhile, with the economic growth of China, more and more individuals can afford to eat birds.

Due to their elegance, peacocks were viewed in ancient China as symbols of nobility and auspiciousness.

Will their handsome presence be able to save them from the dining table of people

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