Do Pygmy Goats make Good Pets?

For any pet lover, the first thought after seeing Pygmy goats is can I have them as Pet? The question you should answer is do you need pygmy goats as a pet or raise them for profit? As a Pet Pygmy goat makes the best choice for a family with children. They are social, active, and fun to play with.

Due to their miniature size. The shoulder height averaging 15 to 20 inches tall. Will come to the conclusion that it’s easy to raise Pygmy Goats. Though they are a very social animal. There are certain things to consider before bringing them home.

The Pygmy breed is very hardy and can adapt to any climate. They do need a large fenced outside area though to roam and play.

Things to consider before buying Pygmy Goats

Basic things to consider before making a big decision. Everyone loves to have Pygmy as their pet, but there can be a lot more to it than just love.

1. Legal and Financial implications

Though Pygmies are small, just the size of any pet dog it comes under livestock. Each country has different rules. Some countries do not allow livestock to stay inside the house in city limits and there are few restrictions to it. Please check the regulations associated with it.

There is always a hidden cost associated with Pets. Pygmies too have their share. Unknown VET bills and feed bills can increase month on month, based on the number of pygmies you own. Even though Pygmy goats are sturdy, they do require regular vaccination. Vaccinations throughout their lifetimes, which can last for 15 to 18 years.

One more thing to consider being a long time Goat owner is, if the feed once has fallen down on the ground or soiled, they will never eat them. In order to keep your feed costs checked, choose the right feeder which will allow your goat not to spill. The wrong feeder will increase your feed bill.

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2. Which to choose bucks or does or wethers?

  • Bucks(Male) are big, smelling and not so docile. Not recommended as pets. Unpredictable during mating season.
  • Does(Female) are docile and friendly. It can be kept with other females or wethers.
  • Wethers(Castrated Male) are docile and less smelly, compared to Bucks. They grow as big as bucks.

Wethers are cheaper too. As a pet, they are very suitable for a family with children. Goats are social animals, it is recommended to keep at least two. It is preferred that both of them come from the same breeder. 

3. Pygmy Goats Housing

  1. For two or three Pygmies a 10ft by 10ft enclosure is more than enough, furnished with benches and hay rack.
  2. Cross-ventilation is important for Goat house and, to this end, there should be small window/s at the back of the building capable of being opened to provide adequate airflow.
  3. Concrete flooring is more hygienic as it can be washed down and disinfected.
  4. Goats also love to chew wood, so if you have wooden fences, be prepared to replace them every few years.
  5. Straw bedding is most commonly used and it’s cheap too. Keeps the Goats warm during winter. But it needs to be changed very frequently, they get wet and smelly soon.
  6. The alternative bedding option is “Flax bedding“, absorbs more, and lasts long. It also acts as mulching for your plants. 
  7. Hay racks should always have lids. Kids can jump into the rack and also adults can spill the hay.
  8. Water buckets are best placed off the ground especially when kids are very young. Water for the kids to drink should be placed in small bowls.
  9. Fencing is the must, do not use barbed wire. Fences should be tight to the ground, even the small dip can encourage Pygmy to escape.
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4. Pygmy Feed

  1. Feed according to need, as the goats here are used for Pets requires very less feed.
  2. A high-quality fiber diet 60-70 percent of a goat’s diet should comprise of roughage.
  3. Alfalfa excellent source of good quality protein. But do not use it for wethers.
  4. Water should be changed twice daily. 
  5. Do not overfeed concentrates.
  6. They are good browsers but not grazers. So nothing to panic.

5. What to expect from Pygmy Goats?

  1. Pygmy goats are friendly and docile.
  2. Always keep two or more goats, they are social animals.
  3. They love interacting with humans, and also can stay without us too. So no need to worry, if you leave them for longer periods.
  4. Goats are curious, very social, love to nuzzle and may occasionally nibble on clothes.
  5. They can be loud.
  6. Very playful. easily get bored if there are no choices to play.
  7. You can expect a lot of kids coming to visit your Pygmies.

Do more research by talking to your local breeders. Always there will be room to learn more. Find out if pygmy goats would be the right pets for your family. Goats are great pets if you are willing to work to keep them, it’s a big commitment.

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