Do Rex rabbits make good pets?

The Rex bunny is a European breed originated in France in 1919. It was designed to have dense plush velvet-like fur that was short. A jumble of grey rabbits has been Rex rabbit’s source.

And ever since then it’s been created over the years from the rabbit fanciers and the fur market.

Rex rabbits breed information

Rex bunny is a medium sized breed using a commercial, solid-looking round body. Compared to other bunny breeds, the Rex rabbit has proportionally toes, a slightly broader head, and proportionate upright ears.

Rex rabbits have short and soft hair (about 1.25 cm long). Their coat is smooth, dense and level with a company. They have curly whiskers and strong legs.

Their average body weight is about 3.4- 4.8 kg, but the can can weight as much as 4.8 kg.

There are many different colour varieties available of this Rex rabbit strain.

Such as Black, Blue, Broken, Amber, Chocolate, Chinchilla, Californian, Castor, Lilac, Opal, Lynx, Red, Sable, Otter (Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac), Seal and White are common to most countries. Smoke Pearl, Orange, Fawn, Himalayan, Harlequin, Dalmation, Tortoiseshell, Cinnamon and Satin are also known in the Uk.

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Rex rabbits benefits

Usually, the Rex rabbit is largely increased as a series rabbit or as pets.

Some people increase the Rex breed for fur and meat manufacturing.

American Chinchilla rabbit and the conventional Rex are two of the most well-known breeds for fur production.

The Rex bunny is a strain of relatively calm temperament and generally very good in nature.

They are frequently mothering other rabbits and maternal. So they are frequently used as a foster mom for their parenting abilities that were excellent.

They are quite active (particularly most active at night and at the daytime ). They are smart and can be trained. They’re affectionate and enjoy the company. That is why they are extremely good at raising pets.

They can be quite boisterous and lively but are usually good with children and other pets. They need grooming and can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth if necessary.

The typical lifespan of a properly cared Rex bunny is about 5-6 years.


The breed is named after the rex gene responsible for its type of fur. Normal bunny fur is composed of an undercoat, interspersed with longer guard hairs.

However, the Rex rabbit’s fur is the consequence of a mutation causing the hairs to be all the same length, providing a plush texture.

Naturally, mutations occur quite frequently in the wild, and several breeds lead from a mutation that’s fixed through a special breeding program.

Rex rabbit’s origin was a litter of gray rabbits. In the Paris International Rabbit Show in 1924, the Rex bunny was first shown.

Subsequently, it’s been recognized as 1925 as a rabbit strain in certain parts of Europe. Rex rabbit was imported to the United States in 1924 after the Paris International Rabbit Show.

The breed became extremely popular in several countries as a fancy and a commercial breed.

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